Bowl me over…

So on Saturday night my friends and I all went ten-pin bowling.

I went for a colourful foil base to give an almost retro look as the bowling alley hasn’t changed it’s decor in about a decade and a half. It’s certainly not for serious bowling, you can actually see the warps in the floor and goodness knows when the last time it was polishes, or the balls for that matter. And please don’t get me started on the shoes…. As horrific as it’s sounding, I doubt I’m placing it on your ‘to do’ list upon visiting Falkirk, I do hold a certain amount of fondness for the place.


Multi-Foil Leopard…

So this looks waaay better in reality. The camera just did not pick up how shiny and cool this turned out. It was one of those dangerous designs, serving as a distraction at work and whilst driving. I used 4 different colours of metallic nail foils and then used leopard print nail vinyls from BPS.

Multi-foil Leopard

Foiled Bird…

So I’ve seen some pictures on Instagram where people are managing to foil their stamped image. They must be magicians as I tried to stamp with my foil glue and it just did not work, or maybe they’re using a different glue or method but lets stick with the magic theory as it makes me look less incompetent. I didn’t want to abandon the idea completely so I twisted it to better suit my non-magical abilities – I stamped, foiled, then stamped again (all made possible by my clear jelly stamper). Didn’t they turn out pretty!

The stamped images are from plate BP-80, which I just recently reviewed, using my black konad stamping polish both from BornPrettyStore. The foils are crafting foils.


Swirly Foils…

So I occasionally craft cards with my mum, just for fun really to give to family members at birthdays etc. However we do have quite a major stash of stuff. When I saw some ‘peel-offs’ I thought they’d do as make shift nail vinyls, they seem to be all the rage just now (or maybe it’s just because I’m following some makers of them on instagram haha!). I foiled my nails first, then place the peel-off on my nail, painted over the top and then removed it. Ta da!
They worked so so, possibly they were too thick and not sticky enough to prevent seeping as I had to do a little bit of clean up here and there where I’d lost some lines. But these were for cards, not for nails so.

Foiled Swirls
Foiled Swirls

Watermarbled Foil…

So I love using my foils to create a mash-up of colours! I don’t think I could bored of doing it as you get a different looking outcome each time. I then water marbled over the top of them using the coloured polish and topcoat combo to give the transparent sections. (Blob of colour, blob of topcoat, blob of colour, blob of topcoat, and so on then swish it all about). Looks pretty cool huh? And if you can’t stand the gif there’s a normal pic down the bottom!

Marbled Foil GIF
Marbling over foils


Interstellar Sparkle…

So I’ve been missing my ‘regular’ blog post days because I’ve been busy, sorry. I blame it on the time of year, anyone else? A terrible craving came over me, I needed to foil and I needed to use bling. Therefore this design wasn’t really planned out, and as soon as it was finished all I could think about was how it felt a bit interstellar with the silver streaks and dark blue sky.

Interstellar Sparkle

Foil Stripes…

So I maybe did this one the wrong way round. I painted a black base, taped off areas and then applied foil glue in between. I added my foils (I decided on just blue, green and silver) and then peeled off the tape. Afterwards I noticed the foils had missing patches, etc etc and I was like ‘Heeey, wait a minute’… I think if I had a foil base and then painted on top, it would have resulted in cleaner lines and maybe better looking foiling! I’m so backwards sometimes… duuurrr. Also my top coat seemed to pick up shiny bits from the foils and dragged them everywhere, meaning in reality it looks like a shimmer black! It looks kinda cool so I’m not too peeved.

Foil Striped Nail Art