Teal Tassel…

So even though I’ve now broken my ‘no buy’ spate I’m still trying to use the unused, which brought me round to using this little tassel. Now why on earth I would buy a tassel to put on my nail beats me, but at the time I clearly was inspired (way back in March 2016), so I just had to go with it. Turns out tassels are now ‘on trend’ so does that technically mean I was ahead of the curve?…

To be fair, it is pretty cute and somewhat of a novelty being able shaking it around however in terms of day to day practicality I’m not sure how it would really fair. The gemstone’s pretty large and could be easily knocked off…

Tassle Nail Art.png


St. Helier…

So St.Helier produce a fizzy, lemon soft drink very similar to San Pellegrino but at like half the price. Therefore when I’m needing to be a little more frugal and want to buy something tasty to drink I’ll go for St. Helier instead, they taste almost identical anyway so I don’t feel as if I’m scrimping.

Anyway, the other day I noticed a new variety – a ginger beer. As I like to drink my rum with a ginger beer mixer I thought I’d give it a go, and you know what it wasn’t half bad. (You can’t beat ‘Old Jamaica’ in my opinion though!) I really liked the foil used to protect the can, it was a cool colour and I liked the typography and graphics, so I thought why not put it on my nails!

Anyone else tried St.Helier?

St.Helier Nails.png

Flowers and Foil…

So I have used these dried flowers before, but I’ve not used them in a while – in a year actually, as funnily enough the last time I used them was March ’16.

(They don’t look so pretty close-up but from a regular distance, the looked quite fresh and delicate.)

Flowers and Foil

Bowl me over…

So on Saturday night my friends and I all went ten-pin bowling.

I went for a colourful foil base to give an almost retro look as the bowling alley hasn’t changed it’s decor in about a decade and a half. It’s certainly not for serious bowling, you can actually see the warps in the floor and goodness knows when the last time it was polishes, or the balls for that matter. And please don’t get me started on the shoes…. As horrific as it’s sounding, I doubt I’m placing it on your ‘to do’ list upon visiting Falkirk, I do hold a certain amount of fondness for the place.


Party Spiders…

So this design isn’t spooky at all! I decided to go for a more family friendly, party look in contrast with some of the more gory stuff I’ve been painting. I bet arachnophobics could even wear this design right?…

I used my natural nail colour, flecked with gold and silver foil then stamped some spiders on them, finishing the design off with random dots and a top coat.


Bridesmaid Nails…

So last week I was a bridesmaid at a very wonderful wedding. I opted for some simple nails – a base of Models Own ‘Deep Sea’ (I felt that matched my dress the closest out of all the polishes I had), and some gold foil flecks as I was wearing gold accessories.

I also customized this gorgeous bag from Accessorize, by sewing some excess material from the dress’ ties in to flowers to ensure the bag matched perfectly! There’s one right above my nails in this photo.

We were all wearing the same multi-way dress, but in different styles which made it fun and way more practical as the five of us are all different shapes and sizes! Don’t we scrub up well!


Multi-Foil Leopard…

So this looks waaay better in reality. The camera just did not pick up how shiny and cool this turned out. It was one of those dangerous designs, serving as a distraction at work and whilst driving. I used 4 different colours of metallic nail foils and then used leopard print nail vinyls from BPS.

Multi-foil Leopard

BornPrettyStore: Holographic Nail Foil…

So today I’m reviewing a sheet of ‘Holographic Nail Foil‘ in pattern 1003 from BornPrettyStore. It comes in a little packet and contains 30cm of the stuff, I was a bit concerned about it being folded – most nail foil is rolled – but actually it had no affect on the products performance. It has some lovely colours but the ones displayed depends on the angle the light hits it at, how fun!

Holographic Foil Packaging
Holographic Foil Sheet.JPG
Holographic Foil Detail

I first of all decided to test the foil out on a lighter colour, so I chose a base of ‘Amazing Gracie’ by Ciate. I used ‘Rio’ nail foil glue, which unfortuately applies a little streaky, so the marks you see has nothing to do with the foil itself which applied very well. I didn’t have to rub too hard to coax it off the backing, it pretty much came off itself and without any patchiness. I think the fact the foil has a broken up pattern made any potential transfer faults hard to see anyway. It looked brilliant, so I top coated it with Seche Vite and applied another layer of foil and top coat. That’s where it all went wrong for the foil – the Seche Vite melted it! ARGH!


It still turned out really pretty, it’s just a shame that the top coat I have melts this particular foil. It hasn’t melted previous foils from BornPrettyStore, so I thought I was safe. I found out from SweetberryNails over on Instagram that ‘Picture Polish Revolution’, ‘Rimmel Finishing Touch’ and ‘Sally Hansen Miracle Top Coats’ may be foil safe but I think it’s still a case of trial and error guys, sorry!

Two Coats Holographic Foil (2)

Next, I applied the holographic foil on to a darker colour. This time a Revlon, which is that well loved (old) it’s name has rubbed off, whoops. How cool does it look! (Again please excuse the streaks, this has nothing to do with the foil just the application of the foil glue.)


I’m not sure if I would personally describe it as holographic as it’s probably more in the iridescent category to me, but if I’m being honest I’m not sure what the difference between the two is – can someone please enlighten me?

One Coat Holo Foil.JPG

So again, I repeated the test like all good scientists should. I applied my top coat, and foiled a second time and it looked good…

Two Coats Holo Foil

…until the second coat of Seche Vite and it all started to melt again. When I say melt, it’s not melting off my hands or anything, I just mean that the shapes and colours are all losing their form and melting in to each other. Still pretty though right?

TopCoat Melt

I think you can see some of the original shapes on my thumb more clearly, however the difference between top-coated and un-sealed is very noticeable.


Which do you prefer – light base or dark base? Stay tuned, as on Friday I’ll be revealing the nail art I painted on top of the dark test.

Lets do a product recap!
The foil applies really nicely – it doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply and applies without patchiness.
Top coating this foil is a must, however I think it could be a game of trial and error to find one that won’t melt it – it looks cool either way though!

If you fancy adding this foil to your collection of nail art supplies, you can use my code AZYW10 to recieve 10% off all full priced items in your basket at BornPrettyStore.


Foiled Bird…

So I’ve seen some pictures on Instagram where people are managing to foil their stamped image. They must be magicians as I tried to stamp with my foil glue and it just did not work, or maybe they’re using a different glue or method but lets stick with the magic theory as it makes me look less incompetent. I didn’t want to abandon the idea completely so I twisted it to better suit my non-magical abilities – I stamped, foiled, then stamped again (all made possible by my clear jelly stamper). Didn’t they turn out pretty!

The stamped images are from plate BP-80, which I just recently reviewed, using my black konad stamping polish both from BornPrettyStore. The foils are crafting foils.


‘Steel Waters Run Deep’…

So I received the OPI ‘Infinite Shine’ set for my Christmas along with the shade ‘Steel Waters Run Deep’ (where do OPI get their names from).

OPI Infinite Shine
It’s a three step procedure; base coat first which is bottle number ‘1’, then two thin coats of your shade as it’s bottle number ‘2’, and then lastly one thin coat of bottle number ‘3’ which is the gloss. I think the numbering is great, it keeps is dumb so you can’t go wrong!

OPI Infinite Shine Complete
It is pretty glossy! I did struggle with the thin coating though, I’m used to drowning my nails in Seche Vite so sometimes I went too thin and ended up getting dry brush dragging. You can sorta see it on my ring finger, but not bad for my first try.

I couldn’t just leave them at grey so decided to add some silver foil. It was one of those shades that depending on the lighting it could look really dark grey, but I felt this photo showed it’s true colour the best.

OPI Inifinte Shine Silver Foil