Flowers and Foil…

So I have used these dried flowers before, but I’ve not used them in a while – in a year actually, as funnily enough the last time I used them was March ’16.

(They don’t look so pretty close-up but from a regular distance, the looked quite fresh and delicate.)

Flowers and Foil


BornPrettyStore: Pink Flower Stickers…

So today I’m bringing you a review of some ‘Pink Flower Stickers‘ from BornPrettyStore. Aren’t they pretty!

BPS FlowerStickers 21156
The stickers have lots of delicate, pastel colours and are semi-transparent so I was pretty stumped on what to do with them – did I go bright and busy, quiet and minimalist or even blinged up. I settled with a subtle base, in hope that it would show off the stickers better.

Pink Flower Stickers 21156
FlowerStickers 21156
Transparent Flower 21156
They weren’t too sticky so tweezers weren’t 100% necessary  (I’d still recommend using tweezers anyway) and they weren’t thick or brittle meaning they hugged the nail well. Unfortunately, once applied, the edge of the sticker was pretty obvious, at a distance not so much but it still kinda bugged me. I’m not sure who’s to blame as maybe it was just the base colour I’d chosen or possibly the stickers themselves. So more testing required!

Oneflowerapplied 21156
With the stickers being semi-transparent, a really cool thing to do with them is to layered them up. I think it really gives a look of some depth and dimension and I bet they’d look smart in a ‘pond mani’. It’s nice that the sheet includes flowers of all sizes and shades – I tried to stick with the pink and purples for this design.

LayeredStickers 21156
LayeredFlowerStickers 21156
It may not be one of my most inspired designs but it’s delicate and I think it helps to convey how pretty the flowers are. To bling them up a little I added a pearl to the centre of the flowers (I think we’ve all done that move no?), and a slight tickling of glitter top coat.

If you fancy trying out these stickers, or anything else from the gazillion of nail art items that BornPrettyStore supplies, you can receive 10% off all full priced items by using the code ‘AZYW10’.


BornPrettyStore: Pink Flower Stickers…

So I received these super pretty ‘Pink Flower Nail Stickers’* from BornPrettyStore to review. At first I didn’t really know what they were, as the product description is rather confusing (check it out and let me know how you get on), however once opening them I soon worked it out that they were in fact stickers. And good ones at that!

The stickers are on a transparent sheet, which is so handy as you can have a ‘trial run’ as to where you want to stick them. Once I was happy with how they would look on my base colour, I used tweezers to apply them. The stickers are very adherent (nothing worse than a dry sticker huh, it’s kinda in the name that they need to stick), and also thin. This meant that they didn’t really need a top coat – literally a stick and go sort of nail art which is great! Think about wearing a plain colour for a few days and then brightening it up with these guys, totally different look for minimal effort.

I was feeling a little more adventurous than the ‘stick and go’ approach and noticed the stickers (as pretty as they are in their original state) have a lot of potential to be customised. I opted for the simple addition of little pink pearls. How cute do they cute!

How would you customise them, or what colour would you wear them with? If you fancy trying them out for yourself, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off everything full priced in your order and remember free delivery!



Bright Flowers and Black…

So my flowery mood continues with the painting of this design. I created the flowers by painting negative space; I used my stamper to create a colourful, shooshed up base and then painted black around where I wanted the flowers.
I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, however I wished the flowers were a little larger as I feel I lost a lot of the colour that should have been in this design.

Summer Flowers

Sprinkling of Spring Flowers…

So my index nail has kind of recovered, but it’s still a horrendous shape. At least I know it’s growing and I didn’t do much, if any, permanent damage to it. As the weather has been quite sunny lately, and my tulips and daffodils have started to grow in the garden, I decided to crack out my tiny dried flowers for this design. I think they’re really cute and delicate, even though they’re a bit of a pain to work with; bits end up everywhere, some of them crumble to dust, sometimes they don’t lie flush and so on.

It looks a lot prettier in person as the photo didn’t really pick up the glitter, booo.

Sprinkling of Spring Flowers

Flower Power…

So my nails are non-existent at the moment. I broke two of them whilst I was fishing at the weekend, like right down to the quick – ouch! They’re so short I’m embarrassed to photograph them, and also a little scared to go near them with nail varnish remover they’re that raw feeling.

Anyway! I do ‘dabble’ in other crafts so thought I’d share a bracelet I made for myself. I had these cute ladybug and mushroom beads, and thought they’d look brilliant together will loads of flowers. It took me forever to complete, I honestly don’t know how many hours over how many days, but it felt like a long time. However! I’m super happy with how it looks; I think it’s cute, fun and summery.

(I used my phone to photograph it as my camera was out of charge, hence why they’re a little grainy!)

I’m an avid fish-keeper and love ‘touring’ new fish shops, I usually drag along my poor mum along for company. So while I made my bracelet I created her this little pair of earrings for her to wear when we visit them – just for a bit of fun really! (I actually don’t have my own ears pierced so I have to miss out!)