Caviar Scales…

So I’m not kidding when I say this design took forever, like we’re seriously talking 2 hours plus.

I firstly had to separate the beads by colour. Now I do have a wheel of beads that are already separate but there wasn’t going to be enough of them to do all my nails nor were they the colours that I wanted to use. This task alone took goodness knows how long as  tried not to look at the time as it could have been classed as torture.

Caviar Bead Separation.png

Then it was as simple as applying them in the scale like pattern. However it wasn’t that simple, it took just as long to pick them up and precisely place them. Sometimes they hadn’t stuck, sometimes they pung everywhere and went through several dozen balls of pick-up gel (thank goodness I had that!).

Caviar Bead Scales.png

Caviar Bead Scales 2.png

The sheer frustration of it all was mind numbing and I wholly regretted starting it as the results aren’t even that impressive. As expected my top coat melted the colours of the caviar a little meaning that all but my pinky were top-coated. This resulted in the beads starting to drop off within the hour and by the end of the evening I had taken the whole thing off my nails. *sigh*

Top Coat vs No Top Coat.png

Please head my warning, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS AT HOME!


BornPrettyStore: Fish Scale Stencils…

So Born Pretty Store sent me some ‘Fish Scale Stencils‘* to review this week. There are 9 stencils in a packet which is a little strange if you intend to use one for each finger though, presuming you have 10 nails to paint of course.

They come on a clear backing which you need to peel them off of and sort of as one sheet. I’d advise being careful when trying to detach them from each other as the stencil vinyl is pretty thin and feels a little delicate. As you can see I managed to tear off the corner, so maybe cutting them would have been better.

The first thing to do is to apply a base colour, I chose a metallic silver, and it’s important you let this dry completely. If you were to place the stencil on any sooner you run the risk of peeling the polish off with it.

Make sure your stencil is fully stuck down on your nail, any gaps will result in the polish leaking underneath it creating an uneven pattern. There are many ways to apply the polish on to the stencil but I chose to sponge it on. By doing it this way I find that it minimizes the amount of leaks, compared to painting it on which can flood the stencil more easily. The length of the stencil is very generous meaning there shouldn’t be an issue if you have longer nails than me. (Let’s face it, that’s not hard.)

After sponging/painting on your top polish, carefully peel off the stencil and hopefully you’ll like what you see! The stencils weren’t as durable as others that I’ve reviewed from BPS, however I still got two nails done from one which isn’t bad going. I didn’t want to push it any further as they were starting to feel too flimsy.

I finished the look off with a top coat and added some typically related decorations – pearls, micro-beads and a shell. (Yawn.) But doesn’t it look pretty!

I know this might seem strange, but the actual stencil part was looking really beautiful after being sponged with my top colour so I trimmed it to fit my nail and stuck it down. I had to apply two coats of seche vite to get it thick enough to achieve a smooth looking finish. Doesn’t it look cool?

The next polish I tried the stencils with was a thermal one – because they’re just so much fun. It’s a lot easier to see the pattern definition with this colour combination too. As you can see there was very little leakage, nothing major enough that it couldn’t be corrected, meaning the stencils did their job – well done stencils!

Below are some Coldfish Scales. Bahahaha goldfish, coldfish? Because the thermal polish is cold. So funny!

The image below quite interesting as a comparison guide. (This is the thermal polish hot by the way.) Can you tell which two nails I did with a fresh stencil? Yup the index and ring. The edges of the fish scales that were done with a used stencil are slightly fuzzier looking, nothing too noticeable and people aren’t usually looking that closely at your nails. (Right?…)

If you would like to try out these Fish Scale Stencils, they are available from BornPrettyStore and are currently (19/10) selling for $1.39 – pretty cheap huh! Don’t be concerned that it’s in dollars, paypal converts your total for you in to your preferred currency, or be worried about the potential cost of shipping – it’s free! If you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you will also get 10% off all full priced items.


Scaled Mountains…

So as soon as I saw the sort of fish scale mountains, I knew I wanted to use my new round glitter from Cosmic Glows. I cannot wait to use these again to create a mermaid look with my new charms from BornPrettyStore too, it’s going to be so pretty.


OMD3 – Day 1 Teal…

So ‘Oh Mon Dieu’ is back again this year, wooo! If you have no idea what it is and why I’m so excited to be participating, check out this reference page on ‘The Crafty Nail’. If you’re too lazy for that: it’s basically a huge, international nail art challenge with prompts for each day of the month and you can win prizes. Last year it really helped me find other bloggers/nail artists and I’m sure it helped others find me in return. It was also just fun!

Today’s prompt is ‘Teal’. I was a little uninspired with this design, it’s also a little messy as I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. I’m having to rush through them as I’m on holiday for a whole two weeks during this month meaning I’m having to do a few designs a day to keep up. The ladies who organise it have said there’s no need to do them all, or even in order (I jumped about a lot last year) however I want to try and do as many as possible. Last year I managed to complete 24 days, and I’m determined to beat that this year!

OMD3 Day 1 Teal

Autumn Scales…

So here is another possible entry for the Essential Nails Competition, but I don’t think it’s going to be the one. I started off doing the usual dotting tool scale effect. I liked it, but it just wasn’t ‘wow’ enough for me and resorted to adding a glitter top coat. Unfortunately it turns out it looked better without the glitter, whoops!

Autumn Scales Nail Art
Autumn Scales with Glitter

Tip Top Nails Competition – ‘Pond Water’…

So Tip Top Nails are holding an international nail art competition. You have to do a design with an accent nail using only use three polishes, here comes the twist, chosen by a male in your life. How fun! The other few rules are that stamping is discouraged as they want to see skills, and no acrylic paint! Which is awesome as I don’t yet use acrylic paint. One entry per person and it closes on 31st August. Check it out!

I let my boyfriend chose the polishes, these were his choices. I was like ‘Ooohh dear…’ – two are pretty samey, one’s my favourite polish which I use all the time, and the sinful colors green stains!  Eeep!

Stevens Picks

With me having plenty of time to pick a design for the contest, I thought it would be good fun to do a whole week of designs just using those three colours, then decide which one I’m actually going to submit. As an added extra I’m also letting my boyfriend name the design. I obviously know what I’m going for but it might be quite interesting to see what he sees.  Here’s what he said about this one;

“It looks a bit like planet earth, like looking down from space because the lighter bits look like clouds.”

Therefore, what did he call it? ‘Pond water’…. Which didn’t relate to what he’d just told me, but it was cool because that’s what I saw. I sort of saw this underwater scene with the sponged nails, so added a mermaid-esk accent nail.

Pond Water

OMD2 – Day 16 Glitter Placement…

So do you know what the most horrible part of this challenge is? Having to take off the designs so regularly! I love how this turned out, it’s like fish scales and I’d have it on for like a week if it wasn’t for the challenge. Sigh!…

OMD2 Glitter Placement
The diamond pieces are silver until you move about and they hit the light, what mad colours ae! I’ve had them for ages, and I’m pretty sure they were one of the very first ‘nail art’ things I ever received. I just didn’t know what nail art was back then! When I first used them I didn’t even know about top coats either- deadly as they caught on everything. I’m surprised I held on to them.

Diamond Shaped Glitter


I’ve painted this design before, but decided that I liked it so much I’d do it again –  with a wee bit of a different colour pallet. Have to say, I think I prefer it this version.
I’d really love to do this look, but in autumn colours.  A good excuse to buy myself a nice orange glitter polish…