Fish two ways…

So these little fish charms were purchased in August, but now I can say I’ve used them – twice actually! I wasn’t happy with the way the first design turned out, it was just a bit ‘blah’. My spray marble didn’t turn out very nice, and there wasn’t much thought to it. The second design however packed a little more punch I felt, and I much prefer the black and gold combo.

Which do you prefer?

Fish Charm.JPG



Black Orandas…

So just in case you’ve missed me saying it before, I’ll say it again – I love fish! At the weekend my dad and I took a trip up to Dundee to visit two fantastic fish shops; Discovery Aquatics and House of Pisces. My main aim was to find a lovely new fancy goldfish, I was super excited and I had high hopes as HOP always have a great selection. I even painted my nails, and added little black oranda water transfers for extra luck and joy!

Unfortunately the goldfish hunt was unsuccessful. I was mega disappointed, there were plenty of goldfish to choose from but just none that I wanted. To let you understand I don’t just go after any goldfish, I love calico ranchus, lionheads and butterfly’s – unfortunately they’re hard ones to find in Scotland. They often come with a hefty price tag ( I’ve paid £30 for a Ranchu before but it’s worth it to me) compared to the usual £5 oranda, and I often think that’s why shops avoid getting them in. It’s easier to sell more £5 fish, than be stuck with a £30 fish which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. (Butterflys have boggly eyes, and Ranchus are missing their dorsal fins but I think it’s adorable.)

I really only have myself to blame for getting too excited, and stupid superstitions say that I almost jinxed the whole thing by putting orandas on my nails. Never mind, the hunt continues!


BornPrettyStore: Gold Sealife Stickers…

So I feel as if I’m getting back in to the swing of things after a flat period, so I decided to review these ‘Gold Gilding Summer Style Nail Art Stickers‘* from BornPrettyStore! Aren’t they just the cutest? (Or maybe it’s me as I’m pretty in to fishkeeping)

#22295 Gold Sealife Design
So on the sheet itself you get plenty of creatures to use including corals, seahorses and fish. The stickers are definitely gold, they really have that true metallic effect.

#22294 Gold Gilded Fish Stickers
The stickers are very sticky, which is fantastic, but I’d wouldn’t advise using your fingers to peel and place them. I found that the stickers stuck to my fingers too easily so tweezers are definitely a must for these guys! I know it’s better etiquette to use tweezers for stickers anyway but sometimes, you know, fingers are used…

Once top-coated, the appearance of the stickers didn’t change. Occasionally with gold effect nail art items, the gold dulls or smudges off but not with these fish – still as bright and as gold as when they were first placed. If you’ve ever used a bad sticker you’ll be familiar with top-coat lifting if not, what happens is after being top-coated the sticker starts to curl and it’s edges lift up meaning they catch or fall off easily, but not these ones! There was zero lifting or curling, maybe it’s down to the stickiness of them or maybe even the material they’re made out of but it’s a great relief that they didn’t curl up.

Holo Blue Sealife Design
The shine on these stickers is amazing, and I love that the packet includes so many different styles and sizes of creatures. I can’t wait to use them again in a different style. If you fancy ordering them or anything else from Born Pretty Store remember to use my code to receive 10% off full priced items.

Now it’s time for some close-ups!
(As my index finger is still damaged I am still painting a false nail to cover it up)

Seahorse Close Up
Fish Sticker Close Up