So this is the final polish that I purchased from Primark. It’s called ‘interstellar’ and behaved much like the others; smooth application, very good coverage, not overly smelly.

Primark Metals Nail Polish Interstellar.png

I wore this design to work and unfortunately it chipped really badly. Now if you take in to consideration that I’m in a swimming pool for 2 and a half hours, there can sometimes be some lifting or peeling, but I was a little bit disappointed by just how much came off. Never the less, the polish only cost £1.50 so….

P.S why the fish? Well I’m off fishing tomorrow – fingers crossed for a successful catch!

Silver Shoal Nail Art.png

Fish two ways…

So these little fish charms were purchased in August, but now I can say I’ve used them – twice actually! I wasn’t happy with the way the first design turned out, it was just a bit ‘blah’. My spray marble didn’t turn out very nice, and there wasn’t much thought to it. The second design however packed a little more punch I felt, and I much prefer the black and gold combo.

Which do you prefer?

Fish Charm.JPG


Black Orandas…

So just in case you’ve missed me saying it before, I’ll say it again – I love fish! At the weekend my dad and I took a trip up to Dundee to visit two fantastic fish shops; Discovery Aquatics and House of Pisces. My main aim was to find a lovely new fancy goldfish, I was super excited and I had high hopes as HOP always have a great selection. I even painted my nails, and added little black oranda water transfers for extra luck and joy!

Unfortunately the goldfish hunt was unsuccessful. I was mega disappointed, there were plenty of goldfish to choose from but just none that I wanted. To let you understand I don’t just go after any goldfish, I love calico ranchus, lionheads and butterfly’s – unfortunately they’re hard ones to find in Scotland. They often come with a hefty price tag ( I’ve paid £30 for a Ranchu before but it’s worth it to me) compared to the usual £5 oranda, and I often think that’s why shops avoid getting them in. It’s easier to sell more £5 fish, than be stuck with a £30 fish which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. (Butterflys have boggly eyes, and Ranchus are missing their dorsal fins but I think it’s adorable.)

I really only have myself to blame for getting too excited, and stupid superstitions say that I almost jinxed the whole thing by putting orandas on my nails. Never mind, the hunt continues!


Marine Theme: Mandarin Fish…

This design is fashioned after the Mandarin Fish. It’s a beautiful fish, but can sometimes be a fussy eater in the aquarium and needs to go into quite a mature tank. I think their colours are amazing and it’s a wonder that nature manages to come up with stuff like that.

At first I had them glossy:

Mandarin Nail Art
Then I wasn’t too happy with just how glossy they were. So I matted them:

Mandarin Matte
And I liked how they looked compared to the glossy. But then I thought they were just too dull for how beautiful and showy the fish is, so I added a glitter top coat:

Mandarin Glitter
I’m still not sure if I like them glittery and I had to stop changing them because it was getting ridiculous and I wondered if I’d went too far. What your personal opinion?

Marine Theme: Tiger Cowrie…

So this isn’t a marine fish, which is maybe kind of cheating but it is still a marine ‘creature’. A Tiger Cowrie is just a big snail basically. It’s a bit weird and gross because it wraps itself in itself… with a ‘mantle’ that has wiggly projections which look pretty unpleasant. Give them a Google. I added the sponged border to prevent them from being solely spotty and boring.
Only about a week left of my ‘Marine Theme’ month! I’m going to try cram in a few more.

Tiger Cowrie

Something fishy…

I’ve seen the Koi Carp nail art online before, and with me loving fish thought I’d give them a go. The picture is so bad though! It’s way too close, so a bit out of focus and the glitter I put on the bubbles and fish is non-existent. Honestly, they do look so much better in person!

My mum thought they were great, and with her liking frogs I thought I’d give it a slight twist for her! (Again sorry about the bad photos..)