BornPrettyStore: Gold Sealife Stickers…

So I feel as if I’m getting back in to the swing of things after a flat period, so I decided to review these ‘Gold Gilding Summer Style Nail Art Stickers‘* from BornPrettyStore! Aren’t they just the cutest? (Or maybe it’s me as I’m pretty in to fishkeeping)

#22295 Gold Sealife Design
So on the sheet itself you get plenty of creatures to use including corals, seahorses and fish. The stickers are definitely gold, they really have that true metallic effect.

#22294 Gold Gilded Fish Stickers
The stickers are very sticky, which is fantastic, but I’d wouldn’t advise using your fingers to peel and place them. I found that the stickers stuck to my fingers too easily so tweezers are definitely a must for these guys! I know it’s better etiquette to use tweezers for stickers anyway but sometimes, you know, fingers are used…

Once top-coated, the appearance of the stickers didn’t change. Occasionally with gold effect nail art items, the gold dulls or smudges off but not with these fish – still as bright and as gold as when they were first placed. If you’ve ever used a bad sticker you’ll be familiar with top-coat lifting if not, what happens is after being top-coated the sticker starts to curl and it’s edges lift up meaning they catch or fall off easily, but not these ones! There was zero lifting or curling, maybe it’s down to the stickiness of them or maybe even the material they’re made out of but it’s a great relief that they didn’t curl up.

Holo Blue Sealife Design
The shine on these stickers is amazing, and I love that the packet includes so many different styles and sizes of creatures. I can’t wait to use them again in a different style. If you fancy ordering them or anything else from Born Pretty Store remember to use my code to receive 10% off full priced items.

Now it’s time for some close-ups!
(As my index finger is still damaged I am still painting a false nail to cover it up)

Seahorse Close Up
Fish Sticker Close Up

Something fishy…

So these are actually not my own nails or work! *Gasp* For the first time ever, I’ve tried out false nails. *Gasp again* I’ve admired the work of Aya1gou for ages, so when she was offering a festive discount I jumped at the chance to purchase a custom set – which of course had to be fish themed! She was amazing through out the whole etsy process; she found out what I liked, what my nails sizes were (a medium set was suitable for me), kept in contact, and then when the package arrived it was one of the cutest things I’d seen. Might I add she must have worked hard on them, considering how promptly they arrived being a custom order, from Japan at this time of year!

As for the nails themselves, I could not believe how amazing they are. They are so perfect and more detailed than I could have imagined; the pearls, crushed shells, the fish – AMAZING, just so right! (And I’m seriously not just being polite or brown-nosing, as I did purchase them myself and have no issues with sharing my disappointment with bad products.) What’s fantastic as well is that due to shipping regulations of nail glue, Aya1gou sends nail shaped double-sided tape things, which means I can soak them off in warm water and re-use them rather than them being damaged by the glue or acetone! Great, huh?

I did, however, have to file a few nails to create a better fit. As you can see from the goldfish photo (I just couldn’t resist posing with my actual fish… Sorry.), the nails look too wide in the middle of the falsie for my index and middle fingers. They filed down nicely, I was just very careful and slow. The rest of the photos show that once filed, the nails sit much more comfortably and look a bit more ‘natural’.

I was going to wear them for new years, but I’ve decided that I’m going to frame them as they’re so beautiful – don’t you agree? Anyone else purchased a set from Aya1gou before? If you fancy checking out her work, she is on Facebook and sells her nails on Etsy for really great prices.

So cute! But as you can see they looked a little too wide for some of my nails.
So cute! But as you can see they looked a little too wide for some of my nails.
Left hand and right hand comparison, as you can see Aya1gou's work is pretty consistent.
Left hand and right hand comparison, as you can see Aya1gou’s work is pretty consistent. The nails have now been slightly filed and they now fit a lot better.
My dwarf rainbow fish coming to check out the work.
My dwarf rainbow fish coming to check out the work. (My middle finger looks a weird shape…)
Close-up of the super cute Octopus thumb. I specifically requested these be included as they're so cute and a bit of a signature for Aya1gou I think!
Close-up of the super cute Octopus thumb. I specifically requested these be included as they’re so cute and a bit of a signature for Aya1gou I think!
How the set looked in the box.
How the set looked in the box.
I just loved the added extras and finishing touches that made the package so much nicer.
I just loved the added extras and finishing touches which made the package feel so much nicer.

*Disclosure, I bought this set of nails myself and was in no way paid or endorsed to write a review by anyone. The discount I received was a ‘festive offer’ available to everyone. All opinions expressed are my own and true.

OMD2 – Day 19 Ombre…

So I must say this isn’t one of my best ombre designs – a bit messy, a bit rough and a bit rushed to be honest. I tried to keep it kind of playful looking though instead of being realistic so hopefully I’ve got away with it.

OMD2 Ombre
Also I realise I’ve not yet included a link to the challenge for anyone who wants to check it out – I’ve been using this reference page on CraftyNail’s Blog.

I spy with my googly-eye…

So googly-eyes make everything look way cuter or way funnier. I’ve done some googly-eyed nail art before using loads of them but today I wanted to do something fish-related. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood for anything intricate or time consuming so I actually painted all these sea-creatures with my dotting tool – how lazy is that! P.S the pink blob, it’s meant to be anemone…

Googly-eyed Sea Creatures

Don’t be so Koi…

So these fish look a little bit inbred or something. They just look wrong, it is their eye positions or maybe their body shapes? Probably a bad combination of both. An absolute mess, but I must say I did start to find them kinda cute after having them on for a while! I painted koi nail art a year ago (before I bothered to clean up my nails a bit before photographing…) and to be honest I don’t think I’ve gotten any better!

Koi Nail Art

Marine Theme: Mandarin Fish…

This design is fashioned after the Mandarin Fish. It’s a beautiful fish, but can sometimes be a fussy eater in the aquarium and needs to go into quite a mature tank. I think their colours are amazing and it’s a wonder that nature manages to come up with stuff like that.

At first I had them glossy:

Mandarin Nail Art
Then I wasn’t too happy with just how glossy they were. So I matted them:

Mandarin Matte
And I liked how they looked compared to the glossy. But then I thought they were just too dull for how beautiful and showy the fish is, so I added a glitter top coat:

Mandarin Glitter
I’m still not sure if I like them glittery and I had to stop changing them because it was getting ridiculous and I wondered if I’d went too far. What your personal opinion?

Marine Theme: Tiger Cowrie…

So this isn’t a marine fish, which is maybe kind of cheating but it is still a marine ‘creature’. A Tiger Cowrie is just a big snail basically. It’s a bit weird and gross because it wraps itself in itself… with a ‘mantle’ that has wiggly projections which look pretty unpleasant. Give them a Google. I added the sponged border to prevent them from being solely spotty and boring.
Only about a week left of my ‘Marine Theme’ month! I’m going to try cram in a few more.

Tiger Cowrie

Marine Theme: Clown Triggerfish…

To continue with my marine theme, I wanted to copy the Clown Trigger Fish. I think they’re funny looking and have a lovely pattern. Would you beleive it though! Another blogger has already done a triggerfish design. Fortunately, our designs look different and I’m quite happy about how mine turned out. Again, I feel it’s totally wearable with the right outfit. What do yous think?
(One of my cheeky wee black widows getting in the picture!)
I also felt the design looked good after painting one nail with the whole pattern. Upon comparison, in my opinion, one trigger fish accent nail made the design stand out more but maybe looks too random?