Eye See You…

So this time I was inspired by the models wonderful eyes and lashes, so beautiful! I just wish I had some false lashes laying around as they would have looked way better on the design than cut up strips of painted paper…

This design is also quite fitting for Halloween, if you stare at them for long enough they do start to get a bit creepy especially because they’re not symmetrical. Obviously the lashes are not for practical every day wear, but after taking them off, it’s a totally wearable design.



Eye eye…

So I’ve seen loads of eye designs doing the rounds for Halloween, evil eyes, dragon eyes, etc etc so I thought I’d do my own. I added the overly long eyelashes as a bit of fun and to make them a bit creepier. I’m not sure what my work will think of these, they might scare the kids a bit…. Oh well! It is Halloween after all.

Eyeball Nail Art