ESTHER – Faux Cow Skull…

(Esther is still looking for somewhere to live and is currently listed in my Esty Shop)

1 esther Main.JPG

Part of the Galaxy Explorer family ‘Esther’ is young in comparison to the other members however she is still knowing and wise. She has been hand sculpted then carefully painted and paired with some Amethyst gemstones. Amethyst is believed to help you think clearly and critically and help soothe impatience. It is also said to rid the home of any negative energy and encourage calming, positive energies back in.

Esther Amethyst.JPG

As she has a pair of driftwood ‘horns’ this skull will require no plant care.

Esther is designed to be hung on the wall and therefore has a simple hole for hanging (e.g place on to a picture hook or nail). She will arrive nestled in tissue paper and securely tied down within a tear strip postal box – all the packaging is recyclable.

Esther Dimension.JPG

Measurements (Length x Width)
Skull = 6″ x 3″ / 15cm x 8cm
Skull + Horns = 6″ x 6.5″ / 15cm x 17cm

Air-drying Clay

Esther Side View.JPG

Each skull I create is one of a kind and I give them all a personal name to reflect this uniqueness. They may share a collective theme, however they will never be the same as they are hand sculpted and painted.