Essential Nails Design 11…

So I really enjoyed doing this design! It’s called ‘stained glass’ and I could have sat and practiced this one all day, but I feel like I understood it pretty quick. It’s actually something I can see myself wearing – a few of the other designs are a little, dare I say, old-fashioned?



Essential Nails Design 3…

So this design was surprisingly challenging. I found it tricky to be confident enough to do a smooth, tapering sweep as I started off too wobbly and shy. I was also finding it tricky to sweep from left bottom corner to top right as I’m left handed, therefore I couldn’t get the correct wrist action going on. Once I started to sweep right bottom corner to top left I started to find it much easier. However I’m not sure if that counts as copying the design correctly, I mean technically it’s the same, but flipped which means it isn’t the same… eeeekk.

Design3 Striping

Essential Nails Design 5 & 6…

So today, I practiced two more designs on my Essential nails course.

Design 5 is ‘Animal Print Zebra’ and I had mega problems with controlling the brush. It’s so thin and long that it was bending everywhere and like slipping off the nail at strange angles. And I managed to smudge the paint with my topcoat, argh. I felt really silly as I’ve done plenty of tiger/zebra print in my time, I’m going to put it down to my head not being in the game. I felt that the bottom right hand nail was not bad, the lines are pretty even, the paint is consistent however the lines are still a little wobbly. More practice needed!

Design5 Animal Print Zebra
Design 6 is ‘Animal Print Leopard’ and this was a strange one; The pictures in the tutorial are a little inconsistent, and the marking guidelines are a little vague. Even though the design on each nail is ‘random’ they look relatively consistent, I think this may be a design that I’ll have to ask my tutor about.

Design6 Animal Print Leopard

Essential Nails Design #10…

So this design was a total pain in the butt! One of the points you can get marked down for was glitter being present in the black polish, it happened like 3 times out of the 8 when I top coated. There was also fluff everywhere for no apparent reason. It wasn’t off the towel as I make sure to use well washed ones seeing as newer ones do lose fluff, but I wondered if dust particles were just more noticeable because the black was so glossy. (I mean you can see my finger print grease on some of them, that’s extreme…). Another point you can lose marks on is the smile line, fortunately I feel none of mine are too straight but what is clear to see that some of them are uneven – something for me to work on. That’s what’s great about doing a comparison line up I think!

Nail Trainer Design10

Essential Nails Design #2…

So I’ve still been having a mega busy time of it, meaning no time to paint my nails with exciting designs. I have however managed to complete some more practice nails for my Essential Nails Course, this time it’s design number two ‘Large Flower’.

Design2 Large Flower

A New Adventure, Essential Nails…

So I’ve decided to start a new adventure by taking a nail art course with ‘Essential Nails’. It’s a learn at home course meaning you can take as much time as you need, allowing you to practice as much as you want. Also if you think about it you can do the course in between housework, your job, etc, and you could even do it in your pajamas and no one would know – fantastic. The kit that arrives contains all the tools, paints and polish you’ll need to create and submit your designs as well as a ‘Nail Trainer’ (the creepy looking hand with removable fingertips and nails).

Today I started off with design one named ‘Simple Flowers’, and I did a whole heap of them.

I  learned;
– You definitely have to wait for the paint to dry before you top coat it.
– I need to be more conscious of where I place my own hand, the amount of times I touched the tacky polish and left paw prints! It’s so different painting someone else’s compared to your own nails.
– When do you stop practicing? To me, none of the above nails are ‘perfect’ so I wouldn’t submit any of them in fear of losing too many marks and ‘failing’. But thinking about it afterwards, just how perfect do they want them? I mean they are done by human hand, am I being too critical. Some are disasters, but some are fine so do I submit the one I deem the ‘best’? They only want one nail submitted, so it’s not about design consistency as you can see, just a really well executed design. Maybe as I get more comfortable with the tools and ‘lessons’ I’ll settle a bit and gain a better understanding of what’s expected. I suppose this is one drawback of doing an at home course, there’s no real time feedback.