Pokemon Theme: Zapdos…

So this is the second bird from the legendary trio. I had fun painting him but it was quite hard to get so many lines painted in such a small space. The best part was actually the base I created, I think I’ll have to use it for some future nail art!

Zapdos Nail Art.png


Pokemon Theme: Electabuzz…

So surely I wasn’t the only one who thought this guys name was actually ‘Electrabuzz’? I’ve been saying it incorrectly for at least like 16 years, how embarrassing. It just doesn’t sound right now! I also never really noticed it’s feline-like appearance (until reading up about it on Bulbapedia), especially in regards to it’s tiger like pattern on it’s fur. So that’s what I decided to choose as the focus for my nail art – the pelt of an Electabuzz.

125 Electabuzz

Pokemon Theme: Voltorb and Electrode…

So oh my goodness, see for them being such simple and boring Pokemon to paint they caused me endless problems! Well actually is was the polishes I used but still. My white is basically finished, there’s barely anything left and what is is super gloopy and can’t be revived any further. The red is also in the same condition so ended up stringing bits of polish everywhere when I took my brush away. Grrr! Hence the blotchy, gloopy look to the whole thing. Even my black was acting up, it was applying really thinly so the outlines are noticeably patchy. Electrode’s grin just makes him look goofy rather than menacing.

Wait a minute! A Pokemon post midweek, what?! I’m actually on holiday right now so had to schedule posts.

Voltorb and Electrode Nail Art
Voltorb and Electrode Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Magnemite and Magneton…

So I said it was going to happen, the crash after all the good designs I’d been doing lately. I’m neither disappointed or elated with these just sort of ‘meh’. I felt pretty uninspired about how to make them interesting, they are a bit boring as Pokemon too. I did however like the backing of the Magneton, and decided to take it and use it for another autumn design that you’ll see soon!

Magnemite and Magneton Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Pikachu and Raichu…

So there’s tonnes of Pikachu nail art out there, I decided to stay away from the typical face/ears/cheeks and go for another main difference between Pikachu and Raichu – their tails! If I do say so myself, I think it looks quite effective!

Pikachu Raichu Nail Art