Monday Make: Radish Bag…

So for some reason I took a hankering to do some lino printing at the weekend, having never touched my tools in probably years. (Ever have one of those moods that appear by random for something random? Weird ae.) I also had some spare canvas bags kicking around and therefore the perfect combo for a ‘Monday Make’ was born. A radish printed bag!

The following admission shouldn’t make me a terrible person, I certainly know die hard lino fans will be spitting out their coffee and reeling in horror but… I know I said lino printing, I actually cheat and use that vinyl lino as I find it way easier to carve as it’s softer and smoother.

The material I used were as follows;
Canvas Bag
Fabric Paint
Vinyl Lino
Lino Carving Tools


I started by drawing out a simplified sketch of a radish. It was important for me to keep it simple as I was firstly out of practice and didn’t fancy trying to carve anything too complex and secondly I was going to print it as a repeating pattern and didn’t want the over-all effect to look too busy.

I then traced the design in pencil on to some layout paper and did the whole pencil transfer thing by scribbling all over the back. As the vinyl is grey, the pencil marks can be pretty hard to see so I advise going over them in pen.

Then it was time for the fun part, the carving! There’s probably I proper technique to doing it, but I start by craving the outline and then working from there to remove all the excess. Top tip – just take your time, remember you can always remove but never put back!

The other fun part (can there be two fun parts?) is testing out the stamp for the first time. I chose to cut my radish in half so I could have the leaves green and the radish red. I applied the paint by brush (usually it’s by roller, sorry lino printers. Better go make yourself another coffee again and put on a new t-shirt.) and pressed it on to the paper. Obviously on bigger stamping blocks using a roller would give a smooth, even coverage but for little radishes I think brushes are just fine! I like the look of the brush strokes, I think it gives it a little more of a rustic charm no?


As I was happy with the way the stamp printed, it was time to put radish on to canvas. I added a little more paint to one side of the radish after it was printed to help achieve a rounded, shaded look as I felt it looked a little flat.


Press, print, repeat and soon you’ll have a lovely canvas bag covered in radishes. The fabric paint I used needs to be ironed for 5 minutes before it’s ‘fixed’ on to the fabric so make sure you read the instructions of yours. Nobody wants their radishes running in the rain!


Has anyone ever printed before? I think it’s quite a satisfying, easy craft to do and get in to – it’s a little addictive to be honest as I’ve already made a strawberry and carrot bag too!


Monday Make: Patched Shorts…

So I own this pair of shorts that are a little too large for me now but they’re just so comfy that I can’t bear to throw them out. I managed to stain them whilst on holiday, annoyingly it was one of those mystery stains that you’re not sure when/where you got it but I’m going to blame it on dropping food on myself. Anyway, in my super stash of craft items I had plenty of stuff to help patch over the offending stain.

I used some;
– Fabric square quarts
– Iron on studs
– Iron on motif
– ‘Heat n Bond’
– Iron on decals

I started out by having a play around with the fabrics and once I thought they looked good I stuck them together using ‘heat n bond’. If you’ve never used this product before it’s like ‘Wondaweb’ (a glue that bonds fabrics together when heated) but in sheet format. It saves sewing for ages and also works quiet well as you can layer really easily.

After that I chose some iron on decals from a book by ‘Sukie’ that is just filled with them (how awesome is that?!). When I originally bought the book I had no idea what I was going to do with so many iron on decals but I knew I had to have them. I’ve actually had it that long I was worried the decals would have disintegrated or something but they applied really well!

The patch was still looking a little plain so I added a blue jay motif and some lovely blue iron on studs that complimented the blue jays colour perfectly. Ta-da – my shorts now have a stain free, cool new look!

FinishedPatch (1).JPG

Unfortunately as there was no sewing involved I’m really not sure how long my patch can survive, it might now mean that I have to hand wash my shorts or just re-patch every now and then.

FinishedPatch (2)

Dolly Mixture…

So I’ve not played with my Fimo for ages, mainly because I have a lovely large desk but currently no chair to sit on – we’re in a new house and I’ve yet to find THE chair, it needs to be perfect for all my needs. Therefore I do my nails and other work sitting on the sofa, naughty me, we don’t even have a ‘coffee table’, I do it all on a lap tray…
Fimo is dangerous , I have never wanted to risk accidentally staining the fabric with a dropped piece of fimo. (If you’ve ever use it, you’ll know just how bad that stuff stains everything.)

However I took the risk! My brothers girlfriend is having a ‘Sweetie’ themed birthday party, so I knew I wanted to make her a fimo dolly mixture bracelet. It was the obvious choice as the shapes are easy to make and I had all the colours without the need to blend. How ‘sweet’ did it turn out? HAHAHAHA….

Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet
Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet

Wrist Shot 1

Pre-baking Fimo
Pre-baked Fimo
Pre Baked Fimo
Dolly Mixture Fimo on Silver Plated Bracelet


We’ve never felt like this before…

So at the weekend, my boyfriend and I had some spare time together (usually we have stuff to do, or have to go here there and everywhere) and I thought it would be nice to make some Christmas Decorations. As he’s never felted before, I talked him through making a robin using a polystyrene ball as a pre-form, I didn’t quite want to throw him in at the deep-end yet. Before we go any further, I want you to guess which is mine and which is his, mwahahaha.

Felted Robin
The large one on the right is his! He decided it would be a better idea to use the larger ball for his seeing as it wouldn’t be so fiddly. I think he did a fantastic job, huh? He certainly has his own style of felting which is great, his is more fluffy where as I often felt too hard/tightly so you end up seeing my needle marks. I think his robin has a fantastic expression too, so cute and fun! Here’s a picture of them nestled in our winter woodland themed Christmas Tree!

Felted Robins

Washi tape wrapped frame…

So today I have another crafty project for you. It’s been great moving into a new house as I’ve got to create some new things for it. I found these round photo-frames in Poundland for £1 funnily enough, and thought they’d be great for displaying some of my favourite nail wheels. I got them in purple, pink and blue as at the time I didn’t know how my room was going to turn out. Unfortunately after decorating it, only the pink sort of matched. I decided it would be feasible to wrap the other colours in washi tape to make them more suitable for my room!

1. All you need is some washi tape, scissors and a photoframe.
2. Wrap the tape round the frame.
3. Keep wrapping until the whole frame is covered.
4. Ta da! Completed frame with nail wheel.

Washi Tape Wrapped Frames