Hoppy Easter…

So everyone knows I love a cheesy pun, sorry. This rabbit wasn’t hand painted – it was actually stamped off of a Born Pretty Store plate which you can find here. I’m starting to really enjoy stamping! I don’t think it will ever be my ‘thing’ though but I can still dabble in it right?

I feel that the yellow should have been more pastel, but I didn’t have such a shade, I think it’s a little over bearing and distracting. Even white would have worked! Hindsight is such a wonderful thing though.

Easter Egg Bunny


Easter Eggs…

So it’s almost Easter time. I always seem to paint striped easter eggs, so boring! But here they are anyway. Also I have a new top coat and it was seriously dragging, I tried to do a clean up job with acetone before it set but it’s still kinda noticeable. Never mind… They’re fun and bright and include glitter so they’re bound to cheer everyone up! Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Nail Art

Sunset Tribe…

I was lazy with my gradient, I just painted on top of the other colour. It didn’t turn out that bad, but you can see where my brush bristles have dragged the colour.
My black nail varnish is really gloopy at the moment and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. Hence why I ended up using purple, I think it makes a nice alternative and gives it a more summery feel. (Also kind of like Easter eggs?)

Sunset Tribe