Colourful Concrete…

So after ‘swatching’ newly made ‘Drakon Pitanios’, I felt it would be a shame to immediately remove it as I do like it but hate plain nails. Therefore I had to add something to it to keep it on my fingers, and here’s the result! Simple yet effective I think?

Colour on the Concrete


‘Drakon Pitanios’…

So ‘Drakon Pitanious’ was (according to wikipedia) a dragon-serpent who was turned to stone by the gods. Which made it the perfect name for my next Ciate Nail Lab creation, a concrete granite-esque mixture.

This is one coat of my ‘Drakon Pitanios’ over two coats of OPI ‘French Quarter for Your Thoughts’ and I think it looks great! It’s unlike any polish I already own so I’m really happy with it. It was created using the loose glitter ‘Nightfall’, some suspension base, and a few drops of Ciate ‘Pillowfight’. It’s been a while since I last created a polish and I had forgotten how exciting it was!

Drakon Pitanios
Drakon Pitanios Ingredients