Mani Swap with Dani…

So when I saw Dani’s vegetable nail art on her Instagram I immediately knew I wanted to copy them! I love vegetables, being a keen grower, and it was just such a fun looking design. I got in contact with her after I got over my own worry of ‘will she reply, will she think I’m a nutter, etc etc’ to see if she would be interested in doing a swap and the answer was yes! It turns out Dani is located in Australia, meaning I was talking to her in my ‘tomorrow’ and she was always sending emails back in time to her  ‘yesterday’ so we didn’t quite manage to nail the synchronized posting but I think our results are really great!

First up is my re-creation of Dani’s Vegetables. I tried to keep the colours as close to the original as possible and also to paint the same amount of vegetables on each finger. Although due to my broken index I could only fit on 4 pea pods, it ripped right in to the quick and it’s still a little tender.

Dani chose to re-create my Dragonfly nails. She only started working with acrylic and gels in October, and I think she’s done a wonderful job. (She also has a super busy household with three younger kids, so kudos for finding the time!) The results are beautiful – she’s added lovely details to it’s body and eyes and I love the touches of gold and that blue holo base! I feel that Dani is really good at giving her nail art character, and she’s certainly done so with her dragonfly.

Dani's Re-creationIf anyone else fancy’s doing a mani swap in the future, don’t be shy to drop me an email at!

OMD3 – Day 27 Wings…

So I immediately knew what I was going to do for the prompt ‘wings’. I have a little pond in my back garden and last month it attracted a beautiful red dragonfly. I was blown away by the intricacy of it’s wings and it stayed long enough (on my washing that was outside) for me to get a photo.

OMD3 - Day27 Wings
I created the wings by drawing an outline on some paper, placing some thin acetate on top of it and then painted my nail polish on top. I made sure to apply my top coat, Seche Vite, quite thickly. Once dried, I carefully peeled the wings off. As you can see they did leave some black behind where I hadn’t covered it enough top coat, however I trimmed the outlines anyway to make them appear more delicate.

It totally works right! I can’t stop looking at them and, as wholly impractical as they are, I don’t want to take them off!

Dragonfly NailArt