Pokemon Theme: Dratini Set…

So apologies for my week of absence, I had a spontaneous holiday (a last minute deal for an all inclusive week in Majorca – who could resist?) and therefore didn’t have time to schedule any nail art.

Dragonite annoys me to no ends, he’s my least favourite pokemon for several reasons.
1) It looks like a fat charizard. I mean they’re both the same colours and mostly the same shape.
2) Dratini and Dragonair are blue, elegant and cute so how on earth do they eventually evolve in to that fat, orange Charizard imposter.
3) What happens to the gems that have been evolving; dratini starts off with one on his head, dragonair develops two on his tail and one under his chin and then dragonite… none, where do they go?
4) Just no. I just don’t see it, it doesn’t make sense, something went wrong. It could have looked so much cooler, keeping with the serpentine body and blueish hues it could have looked great but no.

Is anyone else with me on this? Or do I just sound a little crazy now…

147 148 149 Dratini Dragonair Dragonite.png


Dragon Claws…

So I purchased some Dragon Water Decals (pattern M-71) from BornPrettyStore as I admittedly have a thing for them. When I say ‘thing’ its honestly not massive, like I don’t collect dragon ornaments or anything just more that I’m interested in the mythology of them. Anyway, the dragons sprawls itself over your five nails which is pretty cool and I wanted to do so much with them but then I sort of crumbled under the pressure. So much so I actually considered not posting this as it’s such a mess.

When looking at the ‘water decals’ at first (you’ll understand soon why there’s inverted commas), the dragon looks like it’s white. However after putting the ‘water decals’ in the water and sliding the first one off I found that they were in fact transparent and the white was from the backing paper. This meant I had to re-paint my base colour from black to white or else the dragons would have disappeared.

Once I was re-painted, I tried to apply the ‘water decal’. Now every other water decal I’ve ever used from BornPrettyStore (bar the ones I used for my Jellyfish base) have been fantastic; flexible, adhesive, top-coated well and so on. However this one was rather thick, and felt more like an unsticky nail wrap if that makes sense? It did eventually stay, after a lot of convincing, and fortunately didn’t melt upon top coat application. Clean up was kind of messy as even though I was using acetone soaked cotton buds the ‘water decal’ seemed to go all gloopy and stringy and it made a smooth removal really hard as it was dragging the rest of the decal off with it. As you can see it wasn’t too horrendous though, and as hassle-some as they were I absolutely want to get them again to see if I can make get my plans to fruition.

Aren’t they pretty though? After finding out that the decals were in fact transparent, I decided to experiment on my other hand with a different base colour. I may have went too dark but I think it makes the purplescales on the dragon look kinda funky! I suppose it depends what look you are going for, which colour do you prefer?

If you fancy making a better job of these ‘water decals’ than me, please use my code ‘AZYW10’ to save yourself 10% off all full priced items in your order.