Spring Flowers!…

I started painting these like 15mins before Shameless was about to start, so everything was painted on top of everything else whilst still wet and rushed. I managed to finish in time to catch the start! (At the expense of my mum having wonky flowers but hey ho).

I’d like to say spring has sprung, but it was foggy as anything this morning with a hard frost. My daffodils haven’t even bloomed yet….

(And yes, I’m still using my phone as a camera)
Spring Flowers

Dotting Nail Wheel…

So! Been practising my dotting techniques on a nail wheel, I didn’t realise how handy they’d be. It’s great being able to actually show people the design, rather than describing it and getting a confused/concerned look in return.

I’ve got one nail blank though and it’s totally bugging me, I hit a creative block and literally couldn’t think of anymore. So frustrating. What do yous think though!?

Flower Storm!…

I still haven’t received my dotting tools from eBay – to be fair, I only ordered them like 3 days ago but I’m eager to use them! I had to do these with the nail art pen nibs. They still turned out alright I think. Only a few flowers went a bit squint, the design was starting to make my eyes go funny.