Dinosaur Sails…

So I’ve jumped back to day 5 of ‘Dinovember’, the prompt for which was ‘Sails, spikes and collars’ and I chose to focus on the sail part. I decided I’d use my left hand for them as I already had an awesome design on my right hand (which you’ll see tomorrow) that I wasn’t ready to take off yet.

There wasn’t much to this design, which is why my right hand was able to execute it. All I did was paint some paper with nail varnish, cut out the shape I required and then stuck them down with seche vite!

Dino Sails Side View Nail Art.JPG

Obviously these came straight off as they’re made from paper and I need my left hand to do things! They don’t look as cool from front on unfortunately.


Dino Hatching…

So for a bit of fun this month, when I can, I’m going to be taking part in Froekenfilt’s Dinovember challenge. For each day in November there is a different dinosaur related prompt that you can draw for, sculpt for, video, etc etc!It’s great fun and it’s something a little different for me to turn in to nail art.

Day 1’s prompt was ‘Hatching’. (Now I know I’m already way behind but Maria says it’s fine for me to join in when I can, so feel free to join in too as there’s no commitment to do them all.) I thought my nails were the perfect shape for dinosaur eggs so it was an easy decision on how to paint them. I may have made the cracks a little over dramatic, but maybe dino eggs did crack like that….