So I’m continuing on with #dinovember, it’s day 2 (in my world anyway) and the prompt is ‘Stegosaurus’. I decided to get quite fun with this one! I painted these with nail paints as I didn’t own quite the right shade of greens.



So this was my entry into an competition, the theme being ‘Wild’. There was no real direction as to what ‘wild’ meant meaning it was good fun thinking up ideas. I went for these cute little snakes slithering up my fingers, I’m super happy with them! The snake skin is also hand painted, it took so much concentration but it was worth it.

Snake Nail Art
Snake Nail Art

MiniManiMonth ‘MainStage’, ‘Hopscotch’…

So I thought these two colours looked amazing together as a gradient! The pink is ‘Main Stage’ and the orange is ‘hopscotch’. Once I’d painted them on I didn’t really know what to top them with, I went through a few ideas (stars, Christmas trees, love hearts) before settling on a kind of scaley, henna look using my matte black. I also added some ‘cuticle art’ to make it more interesting. Cuticle art, love it or loathe it?

Summer Henna