Summer Sprinkles…

So I totally shouldn’t be spending money on nail varnish at the moment but… I’ve had my eye on this Claire’s accessories confetti polish (even though they’re calling it a glitter polish) for ages and I gave in and bought it… It’s been so sunny lately – it’s lovely! So this design is perfectly weather appropriate, being cheery and bright.

The only studs I have are metallic coloured which didn’t suit the look I was aiming for. So I just painted them first, let them dry then applied as normal!

Summer Sprinkles


Iridescent Cross…

So I couldn’t really be bothered painting today, so I decided to opt for some foils and rhinestones. This was one of these designs that was super hard to capture in a photo. The foil looks like spilled petrol, it’s really nice, but  as you can see it came out more like a bland silver. How great sounding is ‘iridescent’ ae!

Iridescent Cross Nail Art

Caviar Cross

I don’t use my caviar beads very often, mainly because they’re a little impractical. I don’t like how rough they feel, and the beads don’t stay on that well – but maybe I’m doing something wrong? On only two nails though, I can almost handle the feeling of them.

Caviar Cross

Easter Ombre with Crosses…

I felt these were looking kind of Eastery with the pastel colours and dots. Sorry for yet another gradient, I just can’t get enough of them!

Festival Cross Nail Art
Usually I don’t attempt to replicate a design to my left hand, with me being left handed but today I felt brave. I think I managed to pull it off, almost….

Cross Nails

Rock Cross Nail Art…

One of my main search engine hits is for ‘Cross Nail Art’, I presume this is because it’s quite fashionable at the moment so I couldn’t resist trying out another design. I feel this one has a definite ‘Rock’ theme compared to my others. The cross on my middle finger was created from some leftover nail wraps, which lent themselves perfectly. And beleive it or not, the glitter is actually silver but seems to have shown up as gold…

Sorry for the terrible picture quality, my camera has taken a dislike to any kind of battery I put in it and therefore stays on for 0.2 seconds, so I’m having to use my phone.
Cross Nail Art - Rock