A Squeeze of Citrus…

So with summer arriving, I decided to make some bright and zingy topper polishes to welcome it in. Say hello to WonderfulWolf’s newest collection – ‘A Squeeze of Citrus’! (p.s if the bottles are looking a little empty it’s because I’d already been using them before I photographed them, whoops)

I used polish making supplies from Cosmic Glows, Conni is very helpful and friendly and shipping is fast. With my last order I received a free sample of yellow tint, yaay. With this I was able to create two new colours by mixing it with the red and blue tints I had already purchased. So let me introduce them individually.

First up we have ‘Lemon Juice’. It’s sparkly and flaky, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s sitting on lemons but it looks sour and refreshing! Now obviously I’m not going to give you the exact formulas, but it’s made by mixing yellow tint and a (secret) colour of ‘Iridescent Dusk Flakes’, with the suspension base.

Secondly we have ‘Lime Twist’. This is a really fun and playful topper, it’s look ready for a party! I made this one by mixing blue tint, yellow tint, square glitter and suspension base. (The square glitter is available on Cosmic Glow’s Etsy store.)

Lastly here’s ‘Orange Peel’. It’s looks pretty thirst-quenching and is a little more mature compared to ‘Lime twist’ and ‘Lemon juice’. I created it by mixing red tint and yellow tint, and adding a hex glitter mix.

So which one is your favourite so far?

Next up, I’m going to show you how the actually look on top of polishes that match their tint. ‘Lemon Juice’ is pretty subtle (or rather boring?), but that’s due to the iridescence flakes meaning it displays either nothing, or some amazing colours – it all depends on the light and angle!
Here’s ‘Lime Twist’. I found it rather intersting that in the bottle the suspension base does look green but when applied to a bare nail it looks sort of orangey/yellow? Weird!

LimeTwistCollagePicMonkey Collage
‘Orange Peel’ actually applies quite solidly. I reckon you could get away with wearing a few coats over no base colour. OrangePeelCollageOrangePeelCoatComparison
So have the swatches changed your mind? I think out of the three, I like ‘Lime Twist’ the best as it’s fun and fresh. Stay tuned, as on Wednesday I’ll be publishing a post featuring the polishes with matching nail art!


A Mermaids Life…

So I can only now reveal what I’ve had up my sleeve for a few months – ‘A Mermaids Life’ giftbox set by WonderfulWolf. I made it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriends sister, hence why I had to keep it quite for a while as I didn’t want the surprise to be ruined.

Mermaids Treasure
I bought my polish making supplies from Connii at Cosmic Glows. She was super helpful at advising me what I needed and recommending products to use as I did feel a bit like a ‘deer caught in the headlights’. There are so many pretty glitters and tints in the shop that my mind went wild, but after a few days of looking through them, I decided to go for a blue/teal theme. That seems to be my default colour unfortunately.

So after a little bit of mixing and pottering about (glitter was everywhere for a while, don’t get me wrong Connii packages them up really well – it’s more to do with me being careless), I managed to come up with three polishes that look and work like a trio. The idea is that they can be layered, or worn individually – there is a jelly, a mica creme and a glitter topper.

A Mermaids Dream
A Mermaids Tale
A Mermaids Tears
For a while they were nameless, then I visited a shop in Edinburgh and found some beautiful shell purses which is when the idea struck me – they were going to be about a mermaid! When I came home and looked at them a little more, I thought the title for the trio should be ‘A Mermaids Life’ – her dreams, tales and tears, as well as her treasures which is where the little shell purse came in! I filled it with little ocean charms (from BornPrettyStore) to wear with the polishes. I think it’s so cute and feel that it all works so well together don’t you think?

Now that I had the polishes named and the treasures secured it was time to put the set together. I used a little gift-box that are also in the Cosmic Glows shop for holding the polishes. Up until now it totally hadn’t crossed my mind how I was going to label the bottles, and my end result is not the greatest (by this I really mean it ended up looking rather amateurish). I went for a pretty standard look – my logo on the front and the name of the polish on the bottom. Then I wrote a little piece for the back of the box explaining the nice bits; handmade, 5 free, cruelty free and vegan! I just wish my handwriting was neater or that I had the time to print the labels out…


I’d love to make this set again to firstly improve the package design and secondly to actually have a play with the polishes myself! I was only allowed to play about with the test mixes that I created on some tinfoil, so to have a go with the whole set would be really cool. Anyone else dabbled in polish making?