Speckled Leopard…

So I’ve not been well for the last week, and I’m still not well actually, therefore I’ve not been posting. However it’s getting a little ridiculous that I still don’t feel better so I’ve had to pull out a design from the archives. By archives I mean designs that I’ve maybe classed as ‘fails’. You may think there’s nothing really wrong with this one, but I’ve actually used these same colours in the same combo before, and that is what bugged me.

Colour Chrome Blue
For this design I used some BornPrettyStore Vinyls for this design and I only needed to use one stencil for all my nails – how good is that!

I never really include a photo like this, but thought it would be interesting to include this time round. Avon Ridge Filler is my go to base coat, and Seche Vite is my go to top coat. Anyone else use this combo?




So my summer is now over – I’m back to work tonight after being off for 7 weeks (I’m a swimming teacher and I only work term time, it’s not that I’ve been ill or slacking off or anything!). It’s been chock-a-block so hopefully my posting routine will return to normality, however I feel as if I’ve been in a nail art slump so don’t count on it too much.

After a few blah attempts at other designs, I really felt up for this and I’m so happy with how it turned out. A little bit too ‘spring’ feeling though? Maybe I could try turn this into something more Autumn themed at a later date. I used striping tape to create the triangles which are painted with Models Own ‘Colour Chrome Blue’.

At first I liked the design as just an ‘accent’. But then I panicked in-case it  looked unfinished or if I’d lost interest in doing the rest so I painted them all. Which version do you prefer?