Holly Wreaths…

So I don’t feel ‘Christmassy’, even though there’s only like 4 days to go. I’ve wrapped all the presents, toured the Christmas markets, planned Christmas dinner but still – I’m just not feeling it. The weather’s been too mild and wet lately and I think it’s throwing me off, where’s the freezing cold and ice?!

Because it’s not felt ‘right’, I’ve been neglecting my Christmas nail art. I hope these glittery holly wreaths can make up for it, but I still feel like I’m trying to falsely celebrate Christmas in September or something. Annoyingly I managed to mess up my ring finger and my thumb came out the best, urgh.




Christmas Tree Star…

So I previously had great fun using the NFC LED Nail Stickers that I bought from BornPrettyStore (one became a Satellite and the other became a diamond). So much so, I reordered again and they arrived in time for a Christmas design! But wait a minute that doesn’t look that exciting….

Light Up ChristmasTree
Until now that I’m holding my phone and whoa – the star on top of the Christmas tree lights up and the whole nail art has been transformed. Look at that thing twinkle! Huh, it’s not twinkling and you’re not content with just a blurry photo? Keep on going to see a video…

Lit Up Tree

Here comes the ugly behind the scenes bit. I like to include it as I find it quite a transformation from a big, ugly, brown chip to totally acceptable in public nail art. Start off by applying the LED chip to bare nails (base coated of course). Then paint around the LED, which is the little rectangular part of it, with the base colour and the rest of your design and you’re bascially done! Just remember to top coat LOADS. I had to paint a white base for my tree as it wouldn’t have shown up well against the red but this step could be omitted depending on your design.

NFC LED Applied
Covered Up Sticker
Light Up ChristmasTree

Snow Globe…

So I can’t tell if I’m starting to need a new camera or maybe that I need glasses. A lot of the time I can’t tell if the photos are truly out of focus or if it’s my eyes, help me! Anyway, I saw these snow-globe nails on Instagram by @hannah_nails_it and just had to recreate them. I went down a little bit of a different route by trying to include a small ‘scene’ in mine. My snowman is pretty mess but I think it’s a sweet idea, I bet someone who has gel and a UV lamp could make the globe into something spectacular!


Christmas Wreath…

So at the weekend, I decided to make myself a Christmas Wreath. Why not buy one? Well I enjoy crafting, and I needed one to specifically match my ‘winter woodland’ theme, also decorative wreaths can be expensive so I was hoping to save some money.

I bought my basic wreath from a local garden center (£3.99), the picks and wire from Wilkos (£1 a bag), and a whole box of mushroom picks at Dobbies (£1.99). The pine-cones were a bit boring, so I added a touch of  glitter nail polish to give them some sparkle. I also ended up with a lot of excess mushrooms, pine-cones and holly sprigs but they ended up going on my tree so nothing was wasted! What do yous think? Are yous making anything for Christmas this year?

Christmas Wreath.

Mini Mani Month…

So you know the saying, you wait for a bus for ages and then two come along at once. Well I’ve had the exact same thing but with the Ciate Nail Polish Calendars! Once I saw that nail polish advent calendars were a thing I’ve wanted one for a few years but it never happened. This year I received two for my birthday! How weird is that, I must be easy to buy for or maybe I was dropping hints that much ha! Fortunately they are both differently, unfortunately 10 of the polishes are the same. I’ll keep the polishes I’ve used for my nail art, and do something with the unused duplicates, keep your eyes peeled. I was so excited to open the first window today, I received ‘Snow Globe’ from both, stay tuned to see what I do with it!

Ciate Mini Mani Month