Caviar Scales…

So I’m not kidding when I say this design took forever, like we’re seriously talking 2 hours plus.

I firstly had to separate the beads by colour. Now I do have a wheel of beads that are already separate but there wasn’t going to be enough of them to do all my nails nor were they the colours that I wanted to use. This task alone took goodness knows how long as  tried not to look at the time as it could have been classed as torture.

Caviar Bead Separation.png

Then it was as simple as applying them in the scale like pattern. However it wasn’t that simple, it took just as long to pick them up and precisely place them. Sometimes they hadn’t stuck, sometimes they pung everywhere and went through several dozen balls of pick-up gel (thank goodness I had that!).

Caviar Bead Scales.png

Caviar Bead Scales 2.png

The sheer frustration of it all was mind numbing and I wholly regretted starting it as the results aren’t even that impressive. As expected my top coat melted the colours of the caviar a little meaning that all but my pinky were top-coated. This resulted in the beads starting to drop off within the hour and by the end of the evening I had taken the whole thing off my nails. *sigh*

Top Coat vs No Top Coat.png

Please head my warning, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS AT HOME!


TTNC ‘Blingy Springy’…

So I still don’t think I’ve nailed the challenge. (Ahahha) But honestly, I think this looks more summer carnival than spring fete. Hmm… Shall I try again, or do you think this is an acceptable entry? I love having them on, I top coated them so much that they aren’t catchy and they’ve actually survived the day, hooray.

Blinged up Summer

TTNC ‘Bling it up Spring’…

So Tip Top Nails South Africa are holding another nail art competition. This time it’s called ‘Spring Time Diva Bling’. (It’s apparently coming in to spring there, total opposite of here!)

Now I’ve already messed up with this design, I didn’t read the rules and just dived right in, so I shall be doing an other. The rules;
– No nail art, plain colours with bling but water marbling with pastel colours will be accepted.
– Work with summer/spring colours (pinks,blues, oranges) staying away from darker colours.
– They want a beautiful, clear photographs.

Whoops, mines includes some nail art, and whoops it’s not that clear because it’s a bit out of focus and they’re tangled in plants. It’s not my usual photo, as I keep it plain compared to ‘pose with a prop’ but they seem to want props. (And they look more like some sort of coral garden). MUST TRY HARDER!

Bling it up Spring TTNC

OMD2 – Day 28 Bridal…

So I’ve only really painted one ‘bridal’ design before (here) but it was more accidental than anything. I don’t think I’ve been very adventurous, but I think they turned out really pretty if I do say so myself. (I would never wear them for real though, far too 3D for my liking, the thought of them catching on things, eeek!)

OMD2 Bridal

OMD2 – Day 3 Lavender…

So I’ve never participated in a thing like this before, but it seems pretty cool! I’ve ‘missed’ two days already but that’s alright because it’s flexible, meaning I can jump in/jump out and even go back in time or zoom ahead if I’m not in the mood to paint in a specific colour. Excellent! I only own one ‘Lavender’ Polish, by Avon.  I unfortunately find it quite thin and I don’t think I really suit that shade either so I never wear it. But! I did have fun trying to think of something, so here I’ve used my foils and some caviar beads.

OMD2 Lavender

Check out the OMD challenge here

Crackle Caviar Combo…

So I’ve not worked with my caviar beads in a while, and I’ve been seeing a lot of precise placement going on. Nor have I used my crackle coats in a while. I really like the Avon ones, they apply well and crack nicely. Here’s the results! I couldn’t get a good photo, my camera kept picking up the gold wrong or the pink and crackle weirdly, but never mind. It does look better in reality which I seem to say a lot, ooops. Either I’m not a very good photographer or my £60 camera isn’t up for the challenge! (Combination of both I think!) I added some gold studs inside the triangles which just livened it up a bit, but I seriously could not get a nice photo so decided to leave it out, sorry…

Crackle Caviar Combo