MiniManiMonth 4 colour camo…

So I managed to scored off 4 polishes with this design, leaving 19 more bottles from the calendars to try out! The base colour is ‘Loop the Loop’, the sort of duck egg green is called ‘Apple and Custard’, the dark green is called ‘Tweed and Tails’ and the only one left is called ‘Hidden Gem’. I used my new Seche Vite (how do you pronounce that by the way?) and it’s great. At first it made the nails look fuzzy, not smudged but just odd – but then it kinda cleared up and it dried pretty quickly and with a nice gloss. Yet another great bargain from TKMaxx!

Ciate Camo

Ocean Leopard…

I’ve been seeing lots of animal prints lately and I think they permeated my brain, as when I sat down to do my nails I really fancied leopard print.

Ocean Leopard
I also quite liked the pre-outline design too. More so Camoflagey looking.

Ocean Camoflage

Some Sick Camouflage…

And I don’t mean ‘Sick’ as in cool, I mean sick as in this colour combination actually made me feel a little queasy the more I looked at it. You have been warned! I’ll try this design again, using different colours….

My boyfriends Sister, gave me the WAHnails book of nail art for Christmas, and this was one the designs it included. So no doubt you’ll be seeing more attempts of WAHnail designs.

Sick Camouflage