Autumnal Needle Drag…

So this is my first design for Autumn! I spent today changing my house decor; in to the cupboard went the cactus ornaments, bright flowers and flower press frames and out came the pumpkin garland, auburn leaves and wooden candle holders.

Autumnal Needle Drag Nail Art.png

I’ve never done a needle drag before and it was made a lot easier by my silicone nail art mat as I was able to make some decals. Two thick coats of base colour, splodge on some dots in another colour and whilst it’s all still wet gently drag a needle through it in whatever fashion you wish. Ta-da!

Needle Drag Decals.png


Autumnal Shards…

So I’ve been clinging on to my ‘summer colours’ as it’s been amazing weather for September/October, however the leaves have changed and they’re dropping off so maybe it is time for change. I love using my nail tape to create triangle nail art, you need patience and time but it’s kinda therapeutic (for me anyway!). Also why is glitter never as pretty in pictures as it is in the flesh, boooo.

P.S. Talking of change, I feel it’s time for me to join Twitter/Instagram. However I’m nervous, eeepp. Is it worth it? Do people care? What do you ‘tweet’ about? Am I better joining one or the other instead of both? Help!

Autumnal Shards

Autumnal Sunrise…

So I didn’t have anything in mind when I started this nail art, I just knew I’d like to use some Autumnal colours seeing as I still seem to be in summer/spring mode. When my  mum saw these she said they look like a sunrise/sunset, so there we have it!

P.S (I’m super missing my daylight lamp, I still need to move it into my new home asap!)

Autumnal Nail Art

Basket Weave…

So after having enjoyed painting Knots so much, I thought I’d try the style again but this time in a basket weave design. Admittedly my weave could be tighter, but I’m pretty chuffed about how it turned out. I still don’t breathe when I’m doing detail like this, I feel so silly. I love how it looks, I’ll maybe try it with a different colour combination next time!

Basket Weave Nail Art

OMD2 – Day 27 Nautical…

So I was trying to avoid the usual blue, white and red that I’ve always done for ‘nautical’ nails. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I really like the look, it’s just that I’ve already painted it a few times. So I went for knots, they’re used on boat right! Here we have an ‘overhand’, a ‘figure 8’, a ‘slip-knot’ and a ‘reef knot’.

OMD2 Nautical