Homemade Mix and…. Mice?…

So I recently attended a job interview where my ‘twist’ to the usually mundane interview outfit was some funky,coral orange pumps. I also thought it would be a nice idea to match my nails for a bigger punch in the face of colour. Unfortunately, out of all the polishes I have I couldn’t find a colour to match – they were either too red or too orange. Since it was super important that the shade truly did match, I decided to mash two polishes together to get the perfect blend and actually what a gorgeous colour it was!

Handmade Mix Coral
Coral Polish Mix

After returning home from the interview, I’d had enough of plain nails. I’m sorry, but they are just SO boring. With it being spring/Easter I thought I’d go for rabbits, but they turned out more like mice… Embarrassingly enough I feel like these could have been painted by my younger self, years ago whilst in my first year of nail artistry with crude tools and an unsteady hand. They are a major flop – messy and out of control. I mean look at the poor things whiskers, they’re everywhere! Those poor bunnies what was I thinking…

Rabbit Nail Art


A Leopard can change its spots…

So I’ve still just been busy lately, I can’t seem to find time to paint my nails and if I maybe do have a ‘spare’ hour I just don’t feel up to painting my nails. Some weeks I can’t stop painting my nails but just now, I’m not fussed – everyone gets peaks and troughs though ae…

This is totally cheating as I took the nail art I did for the nail art swap, and painted over one half and added some tape. Wow…. But it actually changes the look of the design quite dramatically! So I’ve gotten away with it right?

Bright Leopard Spots
Bright Leopard Spots

BornPrettyStore: Colourful Leopards…

So if my original post using the Born Pretty Store Nail Foil* ‘A11’ was too dull for you, how about this multi-coloured madness that I did for my mum! Totally changes the look of the print right? I personally like the green and pink, although the blue is close behind. I pretty much like them all haha!

The blue is Barry M ‘Guava’.
The green is Barry M ‘Key Lime’.
The pink is No17 ‘Grapefruit’.
The orange is Barry M ‘Tangerine’.

Remember if you’re placing an order at BPS, use the code ‘AZYW10’ to get a 10% discount on their already low prices.

BornPrettyStore Nail Foil on Multi-Colours.
BornPrettyStore Nail Foil on Multi-Colours.

*product was given to me free of charge for review.

TTNC ‘Blingy Springy’…

So I still don’t think I’ve nailed the challenge. (Ahahha) But honestly, I think this looks more summer carnival than spring fete. Hmm… Shall I try again, or do you think this is an acceptable entry? I love having them on, I top coated them so much that they aren’t catchy and they’ve actually survived the day, hooray.

Blinged up Summer

Party Pearl…

So I actually won the base colour, tokyo pearl, from a  ‘Birthday and general appriciation giveaway’ (I won bundle#3) held by the wonderful Cat at ‘‘Cat’s Claws’. It’s a lovely polish that didn’t show up well in the photo the first time I used it (feathers theme for OMD2 challenge which I won’t even link it because it was so horrendous). I’ve not been into anything intricate lately, more so lines and geometry etc etc, so I hope yous aren’t getting too bored with my (almost) repetition.

Party Pearl

OMD2 – Day 4 Bright…

So I stayed away from neons this time after my disastrous first attempt. I used two of my favourite polishes a passed limited edition 17 polish ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and a Barry M in ‘Guava’. I sponged the guava over the pink grapefruit and then randomly streaked nail foil glue over it to stick down some ‘holographic silver’ foil. my boyfriend didn’t think it was bright enough though! Booo!

OMD2 Bright

OMD2 – Day 23 Negative Space…

So I’ve kind of jumped a week ahead and decided to try the Negative theme. I wanted to do ‘Brights’ but I messed up my neon base and started all over again. Having recently bought some of those hole punch reinforcement thingies I wanted to try them out. And I love them, using them was so fun!

Negative Circles

Mixed Berry Soda…

So I enjoy painting gradients and I thought I’d go for a bit of a different colour combination. This reminded of those awful coloured fizzy juice drinks, hence the name! It’s probably not berry appropriate for the season (ahahaha) but who cares. I do, however, wish I’d added a bit of glitter top coat or something.

Mixed Berry Soda