Feathered Sealife…

So this is the results of a combination of feather polish and sealife water decals. I hate wearing feather polish as it’s just so dang catchy on everything unless you smother it in topcoat, but even then there’s still a risk. Is it worth it?

The polish I used is ‘Need for Tweed’ by Ciate, which I got from their mini-mani month calendar. The water decals were bought from BPS in pattern: YE-345.


Ammonite Fossils…

So last month BornPrettyStore had an offer where you could pick 8 sheets of water decals for like $5.99, these pretty gold shell skeletons were one of the sheets that I picked. When I saw them online, the idea of fossilized Ammonites immediately came to mind.

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t pick up the depth of the layers, and the polish was way too shiny so was reflecting lights at all angles even without the flash, meaning a lot are out of focus. Not a good day in the world of photography for me today, which is a shame as the nails are way more interesting in reality.

Fossil Base Layer
1 Layer of Fossils

2 Layers of Fossils

3 Layers of Fossils

Teal Tribe…

So I wasn’t up for painting anything on my nails today, so opted for some ‘tribal water decals‘* from BornPrettyStore. They’re very easy to use, I actually reviewed them fully here and applied them to a darker base. This time round I thought I would go for a super punchy teal/blue from Barry M called ‘Guava’ for a more summery vibe.

Tribal Water Decals

Lucky Bag #1…

So having previously purchased a BornPrettyStore ‘lucky bag‘ before and was happy with the items, I decided to order some more. They’re so cheap ($0.99) that there’s not much to lose, I mean out of three items you’re bound to get something usable right? This is one of the two lucky bags I received and I really couldn’t believe my luck – a set of leopard head water decals, leopard print water decals and some cute bows. The bows aren’t very practical for me but the others are!

BPS Lucky Bag (Leopard)
Seeing as the whole bag seemed to compliment each other so well I decided it would be fun to include all the items in one design. I’d like to do the same with  my other lucky bag, but I don’t know if it’ll turn out quite so well…. Stay tuned.

Leopard Nail Art LuckyBag

Dragon Claws…

So I purchased some Dragon Water Decals (pattern M-71) from BornPrettyStore as I admittedly have a thing for them. When I say ‘thing’ its honestly not massive, like I don’t collect dragon ornaments or anything just more that I’m interested in the mythology of them. Anyway, the dragons sprawls itself over your five nails which is pretty cool and I wanted to do so much with them but then I sort of crumbled under the pressure. So much so I actually considered not posting this as it’s such a mess.

When looking at the ‘water decals’ at first (you’ll understand soon why there’s inverted commas), the dragon looks like it’s white. However after putting the ‘water decals’ in the water and sliding the first one off I found that they were in fact transparent and the white was from the backing paper. This meant I had to re-paint my base colour from black to white or else the dragons would have disappeared.

Once I was re-painted, I tried to apply the ‘water decal’. Now every other water decal I’ve ever used from BornPrettyStore (bar the ones I used for my Jellyfish base) have been fantastic; flexible, adhesive, top-coated well and so on. However this one was rather thick, and felt more like an unsticky nail wrap if that makes sense? It did eventually stay, after a lot of convincing, and fortunately didn’t melt upon top coat application. Clean up was kind of messy as even though I was using acetone soaked cotton buds the ‘water decal’ seemed to go all gloopy and stringy and it made a smooth removal really hard as it was dragging the rest of the decal off with it. As you can see it wasn’t too horrendous though, and as hassle-some as they were I absolutely want to get them again to see if I can make get my plans to fruition.

Aren’t they pretty though? After finding out that the decals were in fact transparent, I decided to experiment on my other hand with a different base colour. I may have went too dark but I think it makes the purplescales on the dragon look kinda funky! I suppose it depends what look you are going for, which colour do you prefer?

If you fancy making a better job of these ‘water decals’ than me, please use my code ‘AZYW10’ to save yourself 10% off all full priced items in your order.


BornPrettyStore: Tribal Pattern Water Decal…

So I was super happy to receive a sheet of these ‘Tribal Pattern Water Decals’* from BornPrettyStore to review. Why? Well because BPS decals are so easy to use; cut out the decal you want, dip it into water for 10seconds(ish), slide the pattern off the backing paper on to your nail, dab off any extra water, top coat it all and ta-da!

TribalPattern Application
The sheet is pretty large and contains plenty of decals to do several hands worth of designs. The fact it includes ikat patterns, Indian head dresses and dream catchers makes it great value – you’re getting variety rather than a lot of the same thing which can be dull!

Tribal Patter Water Decal
The sheet is available in three different colour options, all of which I would say are perfect for this time of year. Everyone’s dressing in cozy autumn/winter jumpers so it made an excellent match for brown.  I hope it doesn’t look like a smelly, itchy blanket as I was going for snugly… I do also realise it’s some peoples summer, so if it’s your summer I suppose you could brighten them up with a neon base or something. So actually it’s suitable for all the seasons!

I decided to customize my look by adding a gold border – I think it brings out the pattern! I bet there’s loads of different looks you could get by using these water decals, have you used them before? I would love to see your look. If you fancy trying them, my code ‘AZYW10’ will give you 10% off full priced items when you’re at the checkout of BornPrettyStore.


Gold Flake Flop…

So this is actually from the ‘nail fail folder’. Firstly because it’s just not a good photograph as it’s out of focus, and secondly I’m sporting nubs on three out of four nails – only one more than usual to be honest but it looks so much worse. Another thing that bugged me was the fact the gold elements are of different tones. The lovely metallic butterfly is actually a ‘water decal‘* from BornPrettyStore, I’ve used them before for this design here where you can read my whole review, and the foil is from Wilkos.


BPS Nail Mail…

So I usually order something from BornPrettyStore every month after pay day; it’s a bit naughty because no way do I need more supplies but their prices are so amazing and their products are so appealing I just can’t help it (a bit of an addiction maybe?..) It’s usually around 3-4 weeks between ordering and delivery, meaning I have a whole month to experiment with my new items before the next delivery arrives! I’ve never actually shown my ‘nail mail’ before as one post, as I usually just present the items as I use them. However as I have no nail art to present to you today, you’ll just have to look at my purchases instead.

Lets break it all down! (p.s it’s a long one so I’d just scroll down quickly and look at the pictures.)

I was feeling a bit risky, so forked out a whole $0.99 for a ‘Lucky Bag‘ of three nail art items. And I could not be happier with the results! I was honestly expecting all the crap of the day that BPS maybe couldn’t sell and that’s why they were lumped together and sold off cheap however look what I got; Hello Kitty nail stickers, cheeky cherry water decals, and a stamping plate – with my all time favourite mollusk,  A SNAIL! An absolute bargain, and a whole load of fun, I’d highly recommend giving it a go!

As I have accumulated a few stamping plates now, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a plate holder. The one I purchase holds 24 plates, unfortunately it’s no longer available to purchase but there are plenty of other holders available here. What can I say, it works great. It holds not only my round ones, but also my new octagonal plate.

Staying with the stamping theme I also purchased a large, rectangular ‘Nautical Plate‘. It’s my first one of this size, so I’m quite excited to use it. I presume it’ll perform the same as my others but the images appear larger and clearer so they might stamp better, stay tuned. I’d heard loads of people talking about Konad polishes being great for stamping, and as I find my OPI black comes out a bit wishy washy, I decided to purchase a bottle of ‘Konad Black 11ml‘ as it was on sale. The bottles are super cute, and I can’t wait to see how the polish stamps.

Continuing with the nautical theme, as mermaids and shells are all the rage right now in nail art, I had to buy this wheel of nail decorations. It contains a super cute turtle, shells, mermaids, seahorses and anchors. And the best bit, they’re in gold and silver in one wheel! Meaning no more of “what colour should I get? Hmm, maybe I’ll just have to buy a wheel of each”.

Another item that seems super cool to use right now are nail vinyls. Or maybe it’s just because I’m following nail vinyl people on Instagram… I went for the ‘NK-03’ set due to them having stars. Painting stars free hand is just a no go for me, so it felt like the correct choice. Can’t wait to use these!

Are you still with me? There’s still a few more items to go, so if you’re holding in a pee I’d just go do it now. I wouldn’t want any accidents. As I was creating amazing nail design concepts in my head (most of which don’t turn out anything near amazing), it struck me that I only have ‘clear’ and ‘iridescent’ gems – no coloured ones! Whaaat. This had to be resolved therefore I ordered this very colourful set of ‘Candy Coloured Gems‘. Hopefully my nail art dreams can now come true.

The below object may not look like much, but it’s seriously a life changer. To pick up gems I usually rely on a wet dotting tool or even my finger but honestly how fiddly is that, no longer shall this be the case though! This ‘rhinestone picker gel‘ will change it all – apparently you take a little blob off and stick it on to anything, for example a toothpick and ta-da, an instant gem picker. Sounds fantastic!

Last but not least, a tub of ‘round candy colour glitter‘. Again, I’m actually just following trends because round glitter seems to be another ‘thing’ right now.

That concludes my nail mail delivery, congratulations if you’ve made it to the end! Your prize is nothing I’m afraid, only the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made it. If you now fancy placing an order from BornPrettyStore, remember it’s free delivery and you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all full priced items.

What have you learned from this post? I’m not sure, maybe that I write way too much uninteresting stuff. What have I learned from this post, that I’m such a trend sheep – I need to start being a trend setter…

Roses are red, Tomatoes are too…

So I like to grow my own vegetables. Unfortunately the ‘garden’ in our house is actually all decking, therefore I have to use a trough, pots and those ‘pop-up greenhouses’. I was so excited to get back to growing (after a two year break) that I went a little over board and over packed my ‘greenhouse’. Due to the lack of correct ventilation and a wet summer, it resulted in a massive leaf mould problem on everything in there. I was reduced to only two cropping tomato plants. But hey, they still cropped! (I also got other things from my garden such as a whole load of strawberries, blueberries, tayberries, herbs, onions, chard, spinach, kale, lettuce and even a few cucumbers.)

Having tomatoes on my nails tickled me a little, I mean who really wears tomato nail art? What tickled me even more was the fact I think they look like little roses from a distance. The tomatoes are actually water decals from BornPrettyStore. You’re probably sick of hearing me bleat the same thing all the time, but they were honestly great to use. Peppers, peas, carrots and cauliflowers are also included on the sheet, which just makes it even stranger. Again who’s really wanting to have vegetables on their nails? (Especially cauliflower, boke.) If you happen to be one of those people that do, you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all full priced items in your order.


Striping Tape Sea…

So I’ve never seen striping tape applied the way Cubbiful has on her Instagram – I immediately thought ‘I want to try that!’ and therefore did. I chose to change the colour pallet to hopefully look like less of a copy cat… Even though they were beautiful as they were, I added some pearls and Sea-Creature Water Decals* from BornPrettyStore anyway. I think it turned out really cute! Next time I do something like that with striping tape, I’m going to go for an ombre I reckon!

P.S what a difference the application of cuticle cream makes huh! I’ve never had a sort of ‘before and after’ photo to compare but wow.