Buds and Blue…

So this design was directly inspired by a design from Neiru, but I changed it up a little by adding some accent studs and also a large bud. I think it’s a really sweet and delicate design – something a little more feminine compared to my past few designs, and I really enjoyed wearing it too.




So it’s the Scottish Cup Final tomorrow and it’s Falkirk Vs Inverness. Guess what, I’m from Falkirk! So everyone’s getting super excited about it – all the shops have flags and bunting in their windows and there’s even a big knitted scarf around our steeple. It’s really great to see all the support! There’s also of course a hashtag floating around which is ‘#COYB’ meaning ‘come on you bairns’ as ‘bairns’ is a kind of nickname for Falkirk people. I decided to show my support by painting my nails today as I doubt I’ll be able to wear them on the actual day. Why you say, that makes no sense? I’m actually attending the game but I’m in hospitality meaning the dress code is a little more classy, my nails will be matching outfit rather than this more ‘garish’ design.

Unfortunately the blue I used for the rest of my nails was too gloopy to do the detailed logo, meaning the blue look more like Rangers blue than Falkirk blue. Damn it! But I’m super proud of the logo anyway as it was tricky.

Falkirk Football Club Nail Art
Falkirk Football Club Nail Art


Sinful Tips…

So I don’t own any Sinful Colours, but I have heard some good reviews. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them at my local Boots store for £1.99. I couldn’t resist buying a few to try them out. This colour is ‘Love Nails’. It’s actually a opalescent, shimmery kind of polish, but to get the solid looking colour that I wanted, it took three coats. It did smell quite strongly compared to other brands, it was smooth to apply though and ended up with a lovely finish, plus I just love the colour. So over-all I’d say it was worth £1.99!

Sinful Tips

Willow Pattern Pt2…

So here’s more of the nail art that I’ve copied from my ‘willow pattern’ vase. I think they work. Well maybe not the brick thumb, but everything else yeah? This will be the last blue and white nail art you see for a while! I’m kinda bored of seeing them now.

Willow Pattern Vase Inspired Nail Art
Neck Inspired
Rim Inspired
Wall Inspired
Tree Inspired

Willow Pattern…

So I have a Willow Pattern Vase in my room, it’s not the expensive, collectable type just a cheap copy I picked up in a charity shop. But I still think it’s pretty! Again, it’s another object I can see from my bed and thought I’d take inspiration from it. Here they are!

Willow Pattern Inspired Nail Art
And here’s them beside my vase. I’ve cropped that close because I fancying trying to re-create another part of it in days to come.

Willow Pattern Inspired Nail Art Close-up