Turtle Skin…

So today I really felt up for doing some nail art but when I actually sat down to paint anything, nothing good came out. And what did, was immediately removed resulting in three failed attempts before this blobicure. Even then it’s not a particularly great colour combo but it’ll have to do!

To me it reminds me a little bit of turtle skin, what do you guys see?

Turtle Skin Blobicure Nail Art.png


Valentines Blobicure…

So this is my second entry into a Valentines Nail Art Competition. Those letters were super tricky, remember I only use polish, so ‘o’s and highlights were pretty hellish. I’m happy with how these turned out!

Valentines Blobicure Nail Art
Valentines Blobicure Nail Art

Textured Blobicure…

So because I enjoyed ‘blobicuring’ so much, I decided to try it again except this time with textured polishes – just to see if they would act differently, which they didn’t… But never mind, I think they turned out well though, even if they are more sparkly in reality.

(The textured polishes I used were Barry M ‘Countess’ and ‘Majesty’.)

Textured Blobicure


So I was on holiday at the weekend and by the time I got back, I really couldn’t be bothered to paint my nails. (I also wasn’t smart enough to schedule a post, duurr.) Hence why I’m posting on Tuesday instead on Monday, sorry. I’ve never tried a ‘blobicure’ but I thought they looked cool, some are really amazing looking if you google it. I think my attempt turned out not too bad but there’s certainly room for improvement – I’d definitely like to give it another go!


It was such a simple technique that I even painted my left hand as it required no control from my right hand!

Blobicure Left Hand