BornPrettyStore: Shining Diamond Plate…

So today I’m posting my review of BornPrettyStore’s ‘Shining Diamond Stamping Plate‘*. It arrives in a little cardboard pocket which is handy if you don’t have an actual plate holder as it’ll still protect the plate from scratches when you’re not using it. (I know all stamping plates usually arrive with the protective blue film, and I’m sure you’re all well versed, but remember to remove this before stamping). It’s such a good feeling to see a super shiny, silver plate all fresh and new isn’t it, anyone with me on this one!

I always try to warm any new plate up, or break it in – I’m not sure what the correct terminology would be? What I mean by that is at first the image doesn’t seem to work so well. The polish doesn’t go in to all the lines properly or the stamping head doesn’t pick the image up. Meaning I generally never use the first, second or third scraped image. You can see what I mean with the photograph below where you can hopefully tell what one was scraped first (white) and then the third scraped image (clear). Does anyone else experience this?

Fortunately once the plate had warmed up, the images pick up really well. (Both of my stampers are also from BornPrettyStore and I used Konad stamping polish in ‘Black’.) The lines seem well engraved, and it’s lovely that there’s such a variety of gems included. As with most of my reviews, I like to have a play with a few looks to show how much potential an item has.

This first design was created by sponging on a glitter polish base, then stamping on some diamond images. (Aren’t the little ones cute?!) After that I painted around the diamonds with my blue polish and finished the look off by adding little bits of glitter from the polish I used as the base. Has anyone noticed the blip? I managed to mess up the transfer of an image from the stamper to my nail, can you see it yet, yeah my index finger. Whoops!

Pretty bling bling bling, but why not. If you can afford to wear diamonds, you may as well go all out right!

I’d like to say the second design is a little more subtle but I’m not too sure that it is. This time I decided to show how the individual images can be placed to create a sort of gemstone pattern. I painted on a silver polish base, added some silver foil flakes (they kind of got lost in the over-all look) and then individually picked up different gemstone images and placed them beside each other.

So which design do you prefer? If you would like to try out this ‘Shining Diamond Stamping Plate‘ or anything else at BornPrettyStore, remember it’s free shipping and you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all full priced items in your order. Dispatch and delivery can take a while, and the time scale is a little variable, but for shipping to Scotland it can take anything between 2 – 6 weeks but my packages have always arrived and safe and sound.



OMD3 – Day 20 Jewels…

So I loved this design! It’s so not me, but I enjoyed it so much.

I used a BornPrettyStore NFC White LED chip, meaning the bling blinged when my hand was holding my phone, neat huh! I’ve used a blue LED before here. If you order from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off full priced items at the check-out.

OMD3 Day20 Jewels
Bare LED Chip
WhiteLED OnOff

Shiny Happy Zebras…

So I just love how this turned out, it’s so happy and shiny! I want to say I went ‘too far’ with all the glitz and glitter but I’m not sure if that’s even really possible… I used a flakie and a glitter  polish for the base, stamped on top using the multicolored blobbing technique,and then added a ridiculous amount of gems (even though if I’d planned it better I could have had more on there!).

It’s a shame because (how many times do I complain about this) the photos don’t do the glitter any justice, it’s so much brighter and glittery in person and it’s a serious distraction whilst driving. I used BornPrettyStore plate BP-16 which is an amazing plate that I’ve returned to time and time and time again for images. If you fancy purchasing it too, you can use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore check out for 10% off all full priced items.


TTNC ‘Bling Spring has finally Sprung’…

So I think I’ve got it this time! Lighter, pastel colours, check. Some bling but not too much bling, check. But… do those triangles count as nail art – answers below please because if they do then I’m afraid I’ve failed again. No nail art allowed! Also, really scraping the bottom of the barrel for props, caterpillars are nice and spring related right. It’s a shame the caterpillar in no way compliments the nail art and if anything it detracts from it… Cute though no?

Spring Bling Triangles

TTNC ‘Spring Bling’…

So yet another design for this darn competition. I’m enjoying it I suppose because I don’t ever wear that much ‘bling’ on my nails for day to day wear, so what a perfect opportunity to use up all those ebay buys. I’m running out of things to pose with though, having just moved house I don’t as of yet have anything in the garden – it’s all boring, brown decking. So after shooting with a rosary vine and some jewellery the only other thing that looked quite fresh was a spider plant. I’m also running out of way to combine ‘spring’ and ‘bling’ together in a title…

Spring Bling

TTNC ‘Blingy Springy’…

So I still don’t think I’ve nailed the challenge. (Ahahha) But honestly, I think this looks more summer carnival than spring fete. Hmm… Shall I try again, or do you think this is an acceptable entry? I love having them on, I top coated them so much that they aren’t catchy and they’ve actually survived the day, hooray.

Blinged up Summer

TTNC ‘Bling it up Spring’…

So Tip Top Nails South Africa are holding another nail art competition. This time it’s called ‘Spring Time Diva Bling’. (It’s apparently coming in to spring there, total opposite of here!)

Now I’ve already messed up with this design, I didn’t read the rules and just dived right in, so I shall be doing an other. The rules;
– No nail art, plain colours with bling but water marbling with pastel colours will be accepted.
– Work with summer/spring colours (pinks,blues, oranges) staying away from darker colours.
– They want a beautiful, clear photographs.

Whoops, mines includes some nail art, and whoops it’s not that clear because it’s a bit out of focus and they’re tangled in plants. It’s not my usual photo, as I keep it plain compared to ‘pose with a prop’ but they seem to want props. (And they look more like some sort of coral garden). MUST TRY HARDER!

Bling it up Spring TTNC