Cracked Oval…

So these ‘shining oval studs‘ have lay unused for a whole year. They were clearly an “Oooo that’s pretty” purchase, which then became part of my hoard and forgotten about.


I paired them up with some Avon Crackle polish, not unused but I suppose a little unloved. I wasn’t wrong with thinking that the studs were pretty, they have an amazing depth to them that isn’t quite conveyed in the photo above. But the close-up below kind of shows the hidden galaxy within.


Without sounding too overly dramatic, I think I almost had an addiction to buying supplies. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?


Fish two ways…

So these little fish charms were purchased in August, but now I can say I’ve used them – twice actually! I wasn’t happy with the way the first design turned out, it was just a bit ‘blah’. My spray marble didn’t turn out very nice, and there wasn’t much thought to it. The second design however packed a little more punch I felt, and I much prefer the black and gold combo.

Which do you prefer?

Fish Charm.JPG


Fancy Filigree…

So I have to admit that I think this is a damn pretty mani! Usually I’m not too into this sort of style but for a night out around this time of year, I think it’s perfect. I used my Konad Black (which is my new love) for stamping the filigree pattern, and then added some studs that I picked up cheap (like 99p) from a shop called ‘Home Bargains’.

It was a hard one to photograph – the gold wasn’t shining, then it was shining too much and blah blah blah, the usual problems. Trust me, it’s pretty.

P.S The winds of change are blowing in my direction, stay tuned to see where they take me.

Fancy Filigree

Gold Flake Flop…

So this is actually from the ‘nail fail folder’. Firstly because it’s just not a good photograph as it’s out of focus, and secondly I’m sporting nubs on three out of four nails – only one more than usual to be honest but it looks so much worse. Another thing that bugged me was the fact the gold elements are of different tones. The lovely metallic butterfly is actually a ‘water decal‘* from BornPrettyStore, I’ve used them before for this design here where you can read my whole review, and the foil is from Wilkos.


OMD3 – Day 4 Black and Gold…

So I actually like the colour combination of black and gold so it was easy to think of something to do. My nail tape was more gold in appearance before the top coat application, I’m not sure what happened. Weird chemical reactions!

OMD3 Day 4 Black and Gold

Harry Potter Collaboration…

So I took part in a nail art collaboration project over on Instagram – it was titled ‘Harry Potter and the painted nails’. I couldn’t wait to be part of it as I love Harry Potter! We were given around 5 days to paint a mani and then submit it, I freaked out. I had way too many ideas, not enough time and when I sat down to actually paint what I’d settled on I was in a horrendously bad mood. Therefore whatever I did wasn’t good enough, then I got frustrated, then I got angry, then disheartened and finally ended up not caring. We all have those days/moods right?

Anyway what I ended up deciding on was a Gringotts theme- the Gringotts seal, a stack of coins (which is the part I’m probably most happy about) and what’s meant to be ‘unum galleon’ but like I said it’s not my best work…

Head over to my Instagram to see everyone’s results in a lovely collage, and to enter the Toe Nail Art competition I’m co-hosting too!

Gringotts HP Colab
Pile of Coins


BornPrettyStore: Hexagons…

So after my previous reviews, BornPrettyStore gave me the opportunity again to pick a few more products to review. (I also placed a personal order which will hopefully arrive soon, including something I’m super excited about.) The first of the items that I chose were these Hollow Out Hexagons*. They are available in twelve colours, but when I saw colour #0514  I immediately knew what I was going to do with them, you could have probably guessed before seeing the results – a bees honeycomb!


They come in a lovely little pot, keeping everything tidy. As well as the hexagons themselves, you get the little cut out sections too which is an added bonus and would be great for other glitter placement designs.

The hexagons are described as being ‘Ultra Thin’ – ultra might be a little bit of hyperbole, but they are certainly thin and more so than others I’ve seen. I used a slower drying top coat to stick the hexagons down and then top coated with ‘Seche Vite’. As you can see from the photos the hexagons don’t stick up or anything proving they are indeed very thin. (But I can’t quite bring myself to say ‘Ultra’, I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘Ultra’ for anything.)

With them being really thin, it was also easy to cut them. This meant I could trim them to the appropriate shape to continue the design to the edges of my nails. It just made the design look finished and a whole lot better!

You guys know I love bugs and creepy crawlies right? I have animals, bug objects and wilderness in my house everywhere. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose with this metal bumblebee who lives in my garden – it was the perfect mani to include him in!

Over all I’m really impressed with these;
– They are super thin which means no catching once top coated (Hooray, cause there’s nothing worse than catchy nails! It gives me the heebiejeebies)
– Easy to cut meaning you can continue the design right up to the nail edge.
– The colour didn’t bleed from the hexagons with Seche Vite as the top coat, I’m not sure how other brands would fair though.
– The little pot they come in is easily stored and there are tonnes in it. (There’s no way I’m counting them!)
– The cut out sections are included, meaning a little added bonus for your bucks.


Have yous ordered anything from Born Pretty Store yet? Remember to use the code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off your order! (Full price products only)

*This product was given to me for free for review.

OMD2 – Day 14 Funky French…

So I was really stuck about what to do for my funky french. I didn’t want to over complicate it nor make it too simple so I was all confused. I’d done a few sketches but what I actuall ended up doing was completely different from any of them! I really like it, which is a nice change for the usual mess that happens with ‘go with the flow’ designs.

OMD2 Funky French Manicure

Gold Chainz…

I’m loving Sponging! I also like the combination of silver and gold – quite a rock and roll look ae! The chains are stickers and I’ve used the silver ones before

Gold Chainz
Here’s a wee peek of my nails before adding the stickers, I think they look cool without them, but maybe too plain for me! Look at all my fish getting involved, nosey.

Black and Silver Sponge