BornPrettyStore: Fuzzy Flocking Powder..

So today I’m reviewing a pot of ‘Fuzzy Flocking Powder‘ sent to me by BornPrettyStore. It comes in a little screw-cap tub within a plastic pocket which helps keep all the fibers that might escape away from everything else.


When I saw the colour of the powder, which is option #4, I immediately knew what it was destined for – anyone else see that colour as bear?

I firstly outline the desired shape in brown polish, but it wasn’t enough for this bear to be fuzzy, he had to have dimension too! So I painted up a few layers of UV cured gel to create a 3D head shape.


Once I was happy with it, I painted a thin layer of UV polish over the shape and tipped the flocking powder over it. I tapped off the excess and then stuck it back under my UV light. Once it was fully cured I used a soft nail brush to dust off any loose flock: by using UV cured gel rather than polish I believe it help the flock stay stuck. (Top tip – do the flocking part over a piece of paper, that way you can tip the extra flock back in to the tub with ease, without it being all over your work area too!)


He’s still not finished though, he was missing his eyes and nose of course. Again I used cured UV gel to give them dimension and ta-da!


Didn’t he turn out cute and super fuzzy! (I unfortunately see him as part squirrel or something though…)


As you can see, the flocking powder has done a really good job at covering the whole area and retaining it’s own colour – you’d bearly (haha) know that there was such a dark brown underneath.


If you’re not keen on using the flocking powder in such an extravagant (ridiculous) way and are looking for a quick and easy design, then I suggest you try the fuzzy leopard look! I used normal polish for this and even though the coverage isn’t as good, the fuzz is definitely noticeable.


Have you tried flocking powder before, if so what do you think of it? Do you prefer the bear or the leopard print design? If you place an order with BornPrettyStore, use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off all full priced items in your basket! Yaaay!




We’re going on a bear hunt!…

So today we took a trip up to Dundee to visit Camperdown Wildlife Centre. It’s a really great place for a cheap day out as it’s only £5 entry (for an adult), and even though it’s not a massive park you’re sure to see something wonderful.

Camperdown Bear Nail Art
‘Wildlife’ wise the park has two brown bears -how awesome is that! Even better is that their enclosure is actually rather interesting and large: there’s nothing worse than feeling guilty when visiting zoos etc, if the animals are clearly cramped and unhappy. There’s also skunks, otters, wildcats, an assortment of birds, lemurs, bats, wolves and so on – it is only a wildlife park but as I mentioned there’s certainly plenty to see!

I personally would probably class the bears as a ‘main attraction’ as you get super close. Yeah there’s a triple fence between you and them (thank goodness) but you can actually smell them and hear them snuffling in the dirt. I thought it was therefore fitting to paint a bear on my nails!

Bear Nail Art
Embarrassingly enough I was so interested in watching the bears (they were devouring a rabbit each, and foraging for carrots) I forgot to show them my nail art! After exiting the park and realising this, the best I could do was to strike a pose at one of their wooden bears in the car park…

Camperdown Wooden Bear Nail Art