Textured Blobicure…

So because I enjoyed ‘blobicuring’ so much, I decided to try it again except this time with textured polishes – just to see if they would act differently, which they didn’t… But never mind, I think they turned out well though, even if they are more sparkly in reality.

(The textured polishes I used were Barry M ‘Countess’ and ‘Majesty’.)

Textured Blobicure



So I’m using two more of my new Barry M polishes – matte polish ‘crush’ and textured polish ‘princess’. (I actually wanted to call the post something like ‘Crushed Princess’ but thought that was a bit sick) I’ve not done a print in a while and thought these two would work well together as tiger. I think they create an interesting contrast with each other.

I had to put a pink base coat on (Barry M – ‘Peach Melba’) as the textures are quite pale/sheer and would probably need a lot of coats to actually show their bottle colour. And as always, the glitter is so much nicer in reality.

Pink Tigress

Matte and Textured…

So I had to bite the bullet and try out the textured polishes, it is rough but not unbearable! Yaaay! Looking at the viscosity of the textured polishes, I reckoned it they would be quite a thin polish needing a few coats. I had the idea to layer ‘Lady’ on top of the matte ‘Espresso’. ‘Lady’ is actually a lovely snow white, but came out more silver which was nice! I did like that accent nail, but then thought it looked a little odd, so had to even it up a little. But then the matte looked odd because it was on top of the texture – it’s darker and rough (which was to be expected…). SIGH!

Matte and Texture2

Barry M Win!…

So I won (along with 29 others) a Halloween nail art competition that Barry M held! I entered with my clown nails seeing as a few people were finding them pretty scary! The prize being their whole autumn winter collection of nail polishes, all 11 of them! I couldn’t believe it, I was expecting maybe 6 or so. Of course I couldn’t wait to try them out but I didn’t know which ones first! Scared of how textured the textures will be (possibly clothes catchy), I played safe with the mattes and went for something simple – I liked them because the colours reminded me of mushrooms. But they were actually called ‘Caramel’ and ‘Mocha’. (It was so weird not putting a top coat on them…)

Matte Dots

Here are the polishes I won, In order from left to right:
‘Crystal Glaze’
Mattes – ‘Espresso’, ‘Crush’, ‘Mocha’, ‘Caramel’, ‘Vanilla’.
Textured – ‘Lady’, ‘Dutchess’, ‘Majesty’, ‘Countess’. And the missing ‘Princess’ that I’d put into my nail polish bag and forgot to take out for the photo! Whoops! It’s a pink with gold and orange hints.

I actually found another winner on my wordpress reader – xsarahspeaksx . Maybe check out her blog too to see what she’ll be up to with her haul.

Neon Nights…

The top polish (a limited ‘retro’ edition  ‘Tainted Love’ by Barry M) is really quite cool – I’ve only used it once before I think. It gives different looks in different lighting – dark blue, then purpley, and quite metalic looking sometimes. Really quite nice! I think it gives a lovely contrast to the neon green too.


Dino Egg…

This was just to try out a polish I got ages ago, but had never actually used it. It was a limited edition Barry M called ‘Liliac Foil’. I’m still undecided as to whether I like it or not. Decorated with gold dots and finished with a  glitter top coat.

The combination reminds me of a dinosaur egg, not that I’ve ever seen a real one but…

Dinosaur Egg