OMD2 – Day 10 Favourite Polish…

So I just love this Barry M Gelly in ‘Guava’, so I kept it simple. That’s all there is to say, thanks and goodbye.

OMD2 Favourite Polish


Seaweed Stamping…

So I thought I’d give stamping another go. This time I think I’ve done better; I feel I was ‘squeegeeing’ it better so got a more consistent coverage. I’m not really sure what the design was meant to be, it was just a singular tribal looking line that I repeated across the nail. With the background gradient and everything, I thought it looked like seaweed.

(P.S Can you tell that I’m totally loving Barry M ‘Guava’ at the moment.)

Seaweed Stamping

Pink and Pearl Lady…

So pink isn’t really a colour I wear very often, but I do kinda like it. I was wearing my pink leggings out today so decided to match my nails with them instead of my top. This maybe looks like one polish, or maybe even two but it’s actually three. It totally wasn’t worth the drying time as it doesn’t even look great. I used Barry M ‘Pink Flamigo’, then Barry M textured ‘Lady’ (It’s a sheer white which I used for this  design so thought it would look cool over another colour) and finally topped with Barry M ‘Crystal Glaze’. But! It has a pinkish colour to it in the bottle so I think by layering it onto pink it lost itself in the design. While the polish was still wet, I plonked on some half pearls and dodded some clear polish over them to secure.

Pink Lady Nail Art
I have to apologise for not posting regularly recently (here comes the excuse…) as I started a new job and we got a Chihuahua puppy so yous can imagine the chaos. Here’s the wee devil here. Looks as if butter wouldn’t melt but trust me it’s a whole different story! He really can’t be left unattended apart from when he’s sleeping (which is only ever for like an hour) so you’re rushing around trying to do everything but it feels like you’re just treading water. His name is Harris and he is 9 weeks old.


Matte and Textured…

So I had to bite the bullet and try out the textured polishes, it is rough but not unbearable! Yaaay! Looking at the viscosity of the textured polishes, I reckoned it they would be quite a thin polish needing a few coats. I had the idea to layer ‘Lady’ on top of the matte ‘Espresso’. ‘Lady’ is actually a lovely snow white, but came out more silver which was nice! I did like that accent nail, but then thought it looked a little odd, so had to even it up a little. But then the matte looked odd because it was on top of the texture – it’s darker and rough (which was to be expected…). SIGH!

Matte and Texture2

Guava Gold…

Dots again, aarrrggh! It started off all so well with the stripes. I think I’ve done them that often that my hand is now flying autopilot. STOP! It’s honestly subconscious, I think I have a serious problem.
So anyway, I really like this colour combination if I do say so myself. Barry M Guava sponged with gold (hence the name, duh), topped off with black pen. There was no real inspiration it just sort of happened, one of those designs ae.

Guava Gold

I’m on holidot…

So this is a sneaky post – it was scheduled… I painted my mums nails the night before I went away on holiday as I couldn’t be bothered painting my own (having to take nail polish with me, etc etc).  I wasn’t however smart enough to plan anymore scheduled posts, so I’m afraid this is it for at least another 10 days. Stay strong! Stay smart! And stay painted! Over and out…

Holidotty Nail Art

Square Eyed…

So, I got a Barry M nail art pen and I have went mad for it. It’s brilliant. So much better than the fine nibbed ‘pens’ where if you squeeze too hard it all blobs out or spurts out an air bubble and explodes nail polish where you don’t want it. It is actually a pen, like an actual pen nib, and writes as easily as a pen. It also doesn’t seem to dry up and had a good continuous flow.

My fault was that I didn’t allow my nail polish base coat to dry enough so that when I drew, it kind of dragged the polish with it. So next time I’ll be giving them plenty drying time and my top coat also didn’t smudge it, hooray! There’s no way I could have been this precise with my nail art brushes. So chuffed with the pen (don’t know if you can tell from my excited rambling), and it only cost a fiver!

Also, this was a new polish combination for me. I quite liked the effect, it’s Barry M ‘silvery lilac’ on top of some other polish which name escapes me, and I’m too lazy to go up the stairs to check in my polish bag. But it turned out quite unusual!

Square Eyed