TTNC – ‘Aztec Garden’

So here’s another from the three polish challenge picked by a male. It turns out they also want lovely looking photographs, so a photo of my nails alone isn’t enough. I just don’t know how else to pose them, I mean lighting around my house is an issue, the flash on my camera is too bright, and it’s never dry/sunny outside when I’m ready to photograph them. Booo, what a moan bag ae! Anyway, turns out I won’t be entering but it’s still been a fun thing to do!

When presented with these he said;

“It’s almost got a sort of Aztec look to it. Mesoamerican.”

He’s named them ‘Aztec Garden’.

Aztec Garden


Sunset Tribe…

I was lazy with my gradient, I just painted on top of the other colour. It didn’t turn out that bad, but you can see where my brush bristles have dragged the colour.
My black nail varnish is really gloopy at the moment and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. Hence why I ended up using purple, I think it makes a nice alternative and gives it a more summery feel. (Also kind of like Easter eggs?)

Sunset Tribe

Green and Gold Aztec…

Kind of reminds me of an electronic chipboard or something! The more I looked at this colour combination, the less I liked it. And my lines, why are they so wiggly? I didn’t even notice how bad they were until I looked at the picture. Oh well!
(I’m also so tired of calling everything ‘aztec’. It doesn’t even look anything like Aztec Designs! Really bad habit.)
Green and Gold Aztec

Primark Nail Wraps – Aztec…

In Primark for £1 are a variety of nail wraps. They were easy to apply, but hardly lasted the night. Because they were easy to apply, being quite thin and flexible, they were also easily damaged even my nail file was a little too harsh for them. Maybe I just do too much with my hands, but for £1 they were a quick fix for naked nails. I would probably buy them again – and I actually have more in different designs which you will no doubt see.
Apologies for the terrible phone photo – I was on the go. I had to adjust the contrast to get the full effect of how foily and bright they were since the photo was so dull.