Spooky attraction…

So it’s been a while since I’ve used a magnetic polish and I actually forgot how pretty they could be! This one is actually an Avon polish called ‘Hypnotic Bronze’,  they call their magnetic/cats eye polish ‘Colour Attract’ just in case you go googling it.

The crooked house, trees and bats are all off the same stamping plate from BornPrettyStore which I recently reviewed.

haunted house nail art2

Concrete Zebra…

I got this gray from an Avon book and was dying to try it. In the bottle it has a kind of shimmer to it, and has a very slight almost lilac tint. It applied nice and smooth and didn’t dry too fast on my brush (which can be a total pain if that happens!).

I think I quite like this colour combination, although there’s still a bit of me going ”Oh no, that’s nasty.” What do yous think?

Concrete Zebra