Cracked Oval…

So these ‘shining oval studs‘ have lay unused for a whole year. They were clearly an “Oooo that’s pretty” purchase, which then became part of my hoard and forgotten about.


I paired them up with some Avon Crackle polish, not unused but I suppose a little unloved. I wasn’t wrong with thinking that the studs were pretty, they have an amazing depth to them that isn’t quite conveyed in the photo above. But the close-up below kind of shows the hidden galaxy within.


Without sounding too overly dramatic, I think I almost had an addiction to buying supplies. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?


Crackle Caviar Combo…

So I’ve not worked with my caviar beads in a while, and I’ve been seeing a lot of precise placement going on. Nor have I used my crackle coats in a while. I really like the Avon ones, they apply well and crack nicely. Here’s the results! I couldn’t get a good photo, my camera kept picking up the gold wrong or the pink and crackle weirdly, but never mind. It does look better in reality which I seem to say a lot, ooops. Either I’m not a very good photographer or my £60 camera isn’t up for the challenge! (Combination of both I think!) I added some gold studs inside the triangles which just livened it up a bit, but I seriously could not get a nice photo so decided to leave it out, sorry…

Crackle Caviar Combo

Avon ‘Mosaic Effect’ Fuschia…

I received Fuchsia ‘Mosaic Effect‘ polish for Christmas in and was skeptical at first – coloured crackles are always a bit naff, crackle terribly if at all, and never turn out as bold as they look.

But I was wrong! I actually like the colour combo, it cracked well, and there’s a clear contrast between crackle and colour. Well done Avon.

Avon Crackle