So I like adjusting my home decor according to the seasons; fresh and bold colours for Summer and Spring, warm oranges and harvest colours for Autumn, and then of-course (the most fun in my opinion) Christmas. I took tonight’s inspiration from my teasel raccoon, isn’t he just the cutest! And I say ‘inspiration’ but I actually just copied it…

The Orange Holographic Polish* is from BornPrettyStore and I actually reviewed it just last week so I was obviously very impressed by it to have turned to using it again, although it is unlike any other polish I own so maybe that’s why. If you’re interested to find out how it fared you can read the review here.


On another note. You may, or may not, have notice I’ve been rather absent lately mainly due to two factors – a busy schedule (it’s a known fact that everything always happens at once after months of nothing), and a horrific finger injury which actually physically disabled me from bending it in to my usual ‘pose’. You can still see the aftermath, but hopefully it doesn’t look too repulsive. Please accept my apologies!

Zoo date…

So tonight, we’re off to the zoo. Visiting the zoo at night sounds strange doesn’t it, but Edinburgh Zoo has been opening in the evening for a few ‘adults only’ nights . I’ve never been to one before, but by the sounds of it I think we’ll enjoy it – there’s street food stalls, face painting, fossil digs (in conjunction with their dinosaurs exhibit), beer tents, cupcake stands, and more! The best part of it of course being there’s not going to be any children. I have another design on my fingers right now that I wasn’t ready to remove, but I couldn’t resist painting animal themed nails for it!

It’s super tricky to paint your own toes, give it a go I dare you. My ‘tiger’ turned out to look like a rather large cat, and my ‘zebras’ nose spiraled out of control so ended up disproportionately large, but they’re cute in a way!

(p.s sorry for all those people who hate feet/toes! It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of toe nail designs lately….)

Zebra and Tiger Toes

Easter Bunny…

So here’s my second (and final) Easter design! I couldn’t resist painting a rabbit as I’ve seen so many on other peoples nails. We’ve always celebrated Easter but not in a religious way – I’m afraid it was about the chocolate, the Easter egg hunt, painting eggs and rolling them down a hill sort of thing.

(P.S I also recently read up about the Pagan roots of Easter too, it was very interesting so if you don’t already know about it I recommend you give it a read – if it’s not against your beleives, etc.)

Easter Bunny Nail Art
Easter Bunny Nail Art

Hoppy Easter…

So everyone knows I love a cheesy pun, sorry. This rabbit wasn’t hand painted – it was actually stamped off of a Born Pretty Store plate which you can find here. I’m starting to really enjoy stamping! I don’t think it will ever be my ‘thing’ though but I can still dabble in it right?

I feel that the yellow should have been more pastel, but I didn’t have such a shade, I think it’s a little over bearing and distracting. Even white would have worked! Hindsight is such a wonderful thing though.

Easter Egg Bunny


So this was my entry into an EssentialNails.com competition, the theme being ‘Wild’. There was no real direction as to what ‘wild’ meant meaning it was good fun thinking up ideas. I went for these cute little snakes slithering up my fingers, I’m super happy with them! The snake skin is also hand painted, it took so much concentration but it was worth it.

Snake Nail Art
Snake Nail Art


So I think I’ve managed to haul myself out of the great creativity depression I’ve been in lately. Two things assisted in this;
1) I told myself to get over it and get a grip.
2) I have a major nail crush right now on two blogs, I feel like a creep sometimes because I’m commenting and liking their posts so regularly, but I think they gave me a boost in inspiration. They are – ‘Baroquennails‘ which seems to be a new blog but has great nail art already, and ‘Mllrdesign‘ who again only started posting in January this year. AMAZING!

So here are my nails, after a creative dry spell – I present to you a selection of woodland creatures.  I had trouble with my pinky, such a long skinny nail… I wanted a squirrel but it just didn’t happen. Have a rabbit instead. I like them and I’m happy to announce that I’m pleased with them. Phew…. (except that the foxes nose is too large).

Woodland Creature Nail Art

Animal Crossing (pt2)…

So here’s the second half of my Animal Crossing Wheel. It’s been really fun to paint (if not a bit frustrating at times…)!

This time, from left to right, we have – Tom Nook, Broccolo, Aurora, Brewster, Cole, Nat, Joey, Rosie, Cheri and Cousteau!

My faves are Tom Nook, Nat and Brewster. I don’t like Cole or Broccolo – they’re a bit rubbish as they could be neater, and poor Rosie is far too squished – she should have had a bigger face. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely over-all happy with the wheel. It’s just good to positively/negatively reflect on it!

Animal Crossing Nail Art 2