Fimo Frogs…

So another item in my bag of nail art supplies that I’ve not used in forever were some fimo slices. Previously I liked to use them, but I hated wearing them because they stuck up so much and caught on everything. But this time round I didn’t mind so much, why?, because I now use Seche Vite and it seems to cover and round off everything! I’ve actually been wearing these frogs since Saturday, the only thing I’ve lost has been a few caviar beads – not bad going.

p.s I bet you guys thought I only had one hand and no thumbs right? Well fooled ya, I’ve got two hands and two thumbs. Yeah, seeing as on Saturday I was going to a restaurant for dinner I felt it necessary to paint both so I didn’t look like a weird trend setter. As there was no skill required I was able to recreate the look on my opposite hand too (usually if I need both hands painted, I either use wraps for both or just paint a plain colour on my left hand).



We’re going on a bear hunt!…

So today we took a trip up to Dundee to visit Camperdown Wildlife Centre. It’s a really great place for a cheap day out as it’s only £5 entry (for an adult), and even though it’s not a massive park you’re sure to see something wonderful.

Camperdown Bear Nail Art
‘Wildlife’ wise the park has two brown bears -how awesome is that! Even better is that their enclosure is actually rather interesting and large: there’s nothing worse than feeling guilty when visiting zoos etc, if the animals are clearly cramped and unhappy. There’s also skunks, otters, wildcats, an assortment of birds, lemurs, bats, wolves and so on – it is only a wildlife park but as I mentioned there’s certainly plenty to see!

I personally would probably class the bears as a ‘main attraction’ as you get super close. Yeah there’s a triple fence between you and them (thank goodness) but you can actually smell them and hear them snuffling in the dirt. I thought it was therefore fitting to paint a bear on my nails!

Bear Nail Art
Embarrassingly enough I was so interested in watching the bears (they were devouring a rabbit each, and foraging for carrots) I forgot to show them my nail art! After exiting the park and realising this, the best I could do was to strike a pose at one of their wooden bears in the car park…

Camperdown Wooden Bear Nail Art

The Red Cat or The Blue Cat…

So what will you chose Neo?
But seriously which do you prefer? Today was a day of experimenting with stamped decals. The plate itself is by he-he and also includes some Japanese fish flags, and babushkas.

hehe Lucky Cat Plate
I used my three different stampers – left is a clear jelly stamper from BPS, middle a stamper from Poundland, and right is a rectangular mallow stamper from BPS – as I was curious to see if they would affect the results. I used my Konad Black to stamp and they all turned out with mainly the same transfer. They all picked up well and I’ve put the slight smudges that are visible on the pink and white stamper down to myself not scraping the plate properly.

Stamper Collage
I then painted the backs of them with my white ‘nail paint’ (from my essential nails course) and a little bit of colour and then topcoated. Unforunately I managed to mess up my pink stamper by smudging it all over the joint so that cat was ‘put to sleep’ in a cotton pad of acetone.

The clear stamper was excellent to use; I could see where I had potentially missed parts or unknowingly smudged bits as there’s nothing worse than turning over your freshly made decal after 5 minutes of waiting to see that you’ve smudged it and rendered it useless.

Seeing as all the stampers technically worked, I wouldn’t throw any of them out. The mallow stamper is great for longer, full nail designs that some plates have. Whilst the clear stamper is the perfect tool for creating decals or layering stamping patterns over each other. The pink stamper comes in handy I suppose as an extra.

As for red or blue? I personally prefer the blue cat.


Safari Stamping…

So the photo on the left was actually in my ‘nail fail folder’. When I created it originally I didn’t have a proper stamping polish which is why the black is so washed out but I didn’t delete it outright because I saw potential in it’s over-all design.

However a few months back I ordered a bottle of Konad Stamping Polish from BornPrettyStore, and boy what a difference it made! It’s bold and punchy now so I’m finally happy to reveal it to the world. The animal print foil (review here), and the stamping plate (review here) are from BPS too. I have seriously used that plate a millionbilliongazillion times and would highly recommend if you’re going to get anything from BPS – get that!


Fluffy Chick…

So it’s almost Easter and I’ve not painted anything Easter related yet! The best I could come up with was this fluffy chick. I used some ‘cotton candy’ flock powder, and then painted on top. Painting the chick was the trickiest part as the polish was soaked up quite quickly and seemed to leak a little through the fibers. I think he turned out okay though!

Fluffy Chick Nail Art

No more counting sheep…

So we just got a new bed and it is bliss… Before I would honestly lie awake for ages because I was so uncomfortable in it. To let you understand we moved in to our house two years ago and the bed came from my boyfriends – it was totally in his ‘shape’ which meant he had a tendency to gravitate towards the middle dip in the bed leaving me to teeter on the edge, not to mention it was also 11 years old, ew. I managed to moan about it so much he got tired of it persuade him in to buying a new one, and it’s amazing. No more counting sheep for me!

Own up guys, how old are all your beds?

Sleepy Sheepy Nail Art
I really like my smooshy, dream cloud base that I created for them so photographed that too. I used 6 different polishes – 2 pinks, 2 purples, 1 pearlescent topper and a glitter topper. Phew…




So I like adjusting my home decor according to the seasons; fresh and bold colours for Summer and Spring, warm oranges and harvest colours for Autumn, and then of-course (the most fun in my opinion) Christmas. I took tonight’s inspiration from my teasel raccoon, isn’t he just the cutest! And I say ‘inspiration’ but I actually just copied it…

The Orange Holographic Polish* is from BornPrettyStore and I actually reviewed it just last week so I was obviously very impressed by it to have turned to using it again, although it is unlike any other polish I own so maybe that’s why. If you’re interested to find out how it fared you can read the review here.


On another note. You may, or may not, have notice I’ve been rather absent lately mainly due to two factors – a busy schedule (it’s a known fact that everything always happens at once after months of nothing), and a horrific finger injury which actually physically disabled me from bending it in to my usual ‘pose’. You can still see the aftermath, but hopefully it doesn’t look too repulsive. Please accept my apologies!