Free as a bird…

So this is another stamping design featuring images from two different plates (I’m afraid I’ve felt a little too lazy this week to do anything spectacular) . The bird is from my first ever stamping plate that I bought out of Poundland back in 2013, which I have used, and a virgin ‘hehe’ stamping plate that contains owls and cages.



Alpaca Trekking…

So yesterday I was out walking an alpaca which is certainly not a normal Sunday activity for my boyfriend and me. I got partnered with a six year old male called ‘Columbo’ and my partner got paired with ‘Spirit’ who is also six and of above average height for an alpaca.

Naturally, I painted my nails to suit the occasion but was way too excited on the day to remember to get a side by side shot. I managed to get them just slightly included as I took a snap of Columbo though. Wasn’t it weird that I got partnered with a brown alpaca on the day!


It was great fun and just something different to do! If you’re in Scotland and fancy giving it a try too, it would make for a great gift, head on over to ‘Netherfield Alpacas‘.


So I’m continuing on with #dinovember, it’s day 2 (in my world anyway) and the prompt is ‘Stegosaurus’. I decided to get quite fun with this one! I painted these with nail paints as I didn’t own quite the right shade of greens.


Dino Hatching…

So for a bit of fun this month, when I can, I’m going to be taking part in Froekenfilt’s Dinovember challenge. For each day in November there is a different dinosaur related prompt that you can draw for, sculpt for, video, etc etc!It’s great fun and it’s something a little different for me to turn in to nail art.

Day 1’s prompt was ‘Hatching’. (Now I know I’m already way behind but Maria says it’s fine for me to join in when I can, so feel free to join in too as there’s no commitment to do them all.) I thought my nails were the perfect shape for dinosaur eggs so it was an easy decision on how to paint them. I may have made the cracks a little over dramatic, but maybe dino eggs did crack like that….


Red Squirrel…

So red squirrels are pretty darn cute, but unfortunately they’re not doing so well in Scotland anymore. There’s now only 120,00 left (75% of the UKs population), it was estimated that there used to be 3.5 million. Why such the drop? Well, they got heavily bullied by the larger, non-native gray squirrels out of their territories, then they started catching squirrel pox (thought to be brought in by the grays who aren’t even affected by it), and now cases of leprosy is spreading! Yikes, poor guys.

For this design, I used the fish scale stencils that I received for review from Born Pretty Store – which you can find here. I thought that the pattern they left behind sort of resembled pinecones?



So anyone scared of rats or mice? I hope not as today’s nail art features a little (not so friendly looking) rodent, and it’s the first of my Halloween nails. The ‘squeek squeek’ was the trickiest part of the design as the writing is so damn small. I painted the words on to a stamper head and then transferred it in to the speech bubble using the ‘decal’ method, I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to paint letters backwards for a straight transfer.


Rubber Duck Race…

So sometimes it’s a little strange what comes to mind when you’re looking through your folder of stamping plates isn’t it? This was one of these times for me. I reverse stamped the duckies and I painted the start flag on a stamper head. I felt this would give me a better angle to write the tiny letters, then transferred it on my my nail. As daft as it, I actually really like how they turned out!

(P.s am I the only one who is kind of grossed out at the look of my thumb. It looks like a big toe in the above picture…) I’ve included a solo image of the start flag as I’m unashamedly proud of it, I’ve actually managed to paint letters neater than I can write them.


Flamingo Towel…

So there’s nothing better than a fresh new towel! (Apart from maybe the combo of clean bedsheets and jammies) And I couldn’t believe it when I realised I had matching nail varnish colours. It was too fantastic not to do nail art based on it.


KiraKiraDoodles Cats…

So over on Instagram I follow a wonderful lady called KiraKiraDoodles, who does super fun and cute drawings of almost anything! She recently hit 100k followers, and is holding a giveaway competition to celebrate. The way to enter is to draw a cute cat or bunch of cats, and as I don’t really do any drawing other than on my nails, my entry was of course going to be nail art! I decided it would be nice to re-create some of  Kira’s cats and I did this by first of all painting them on a stamping block. Doing it this way gave me a better angle at which to try and paint those tiny details and lines, and even though the cats aren’t exact matches, I think they turned out pretty well!