OK Motors…

So I’m still playing Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp daily. Fortunately it’s now more of a quick dip in a few times a day rather than my compulsive addiction that I had to begin with where I wanted to check who was visiting every three hours. Come on admit it, you went through that stage too right?…

Anyway, I decided to paint the pit crew from OK Motors – Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo.

Ok motors nail art Animal Crossing pocket camp.jpg

Ok motors animal crossing nail art


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp…

So is anyone else playing this? I really enjoyed playing ‘New Leaf’ back in 2014, so much so I painted a whole nail wheels worth of villagers part 1 and part 2. This time round I’ve went for the easy option of painting the first loading screen. However… Should I paint some villagers again?…

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Nail Art

Animal Crossing (pt2)…

So here’s the second half of my Animal Crossing Wheel. It’s been really fun to paint (if not a bit frustrating at times…)!

This time, from left to right, we have – Tom Nook, Broccolo, Aurora, Brewster, Cole, Nat, Joey, Rosie, Cheri and Cousteau!

My faves are Tom Nook, Nat and Brewster. I don’t like Cole or Broccolo – they’re a bit rubbish as they could be neater, and poor Rosie is far too squished – she should have had a bigger face. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely over-all happy with the wheel. It’s just good to positively/negatively reflect on it!

Animal Crossing Nail Art 2

Animal Crossing (pt1)…

So I fancied doing something geeky, does anyone else play this? If not, just take these as animal designs I’ve copied from a Nintendo Game. If yes, read on! I had some of these villagers in my town! (The ones in bold). The others I just thought would be cool to paint. From left to right we have – Pecan, Hamphrey, Jeremiah, Joan the Turnip Lady, Ruby, Tom, Puddles, Jay.

Non-nail related is my opinion of the game – I decided to keep it separate so that not everyone had to read it. Only those interested may read on, or else you’ll be mega-bored.

I got ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ when it first came out, a few months down the line and I’m afraid I’ve stopped playing… I got to a point in the game where I was happy – my house was at the maximum expansion, I had the furniture sets I wanted, HHA score was high, I’d completed the fossil collection, etc etc. So I saw no reason to play obsessively as I had been anymore which is a shame. It was an amazing game, yes? The graphics were great, weren’t they? The new villagers were cool, yeah? The new shops, well smart ae? And the island and little mini games, loved ’em? Prolonged longevity, nah… Don’t get me wrong I super super enjoyed it. It’s just a shame that there was nothing to personally keep me hooked. (And I was hooked for literally months…) Anyone else?

Animal Crossing Nail Art
Animal Crossing Nail Art