Marlin Fishing…

So these images are from a large, rectangular stamping plate I bought waaaay back in August last year, and this is the first time I’ve decided to use it. How crazy is that?! (Or rather disgusting, I mean surely that’s a sign that I have far too many nail art items but…)

I used loose glitter to create the blue/silver ombre: I regretted that decision after only the first nail as there was immediately glitter everywhere. For the images I used the reverse stamping technique with my clear, squishy stamper.



Avon Nautical Nails…

So these anchors are from Avons Colour Trend collection. I have a few Avon nail polishes and I do quite like to use them, I’ve never used any of their stickers though. I found them easy to apply as they were pretty sticky, when I applied my top coat they didn’t curl – a problem I’ve had with other stickers, and they were only £1.50.

Avon Nautical Nails