Abstract Art…

So I’ve seen a lot of random/abstract nail art lately on Instagram (e.g among others, ‘Ninanailedit‘ does the style quite often) and thought I’d give it a go. It was simultaneously freeing but a bit stressful , let me explain.

It was great to just do a blob here, a few spots there, add a line and then voilà. It was quick, in my opinion it looks quite cool and it wasn’t messy. There was no pressure to be ‘perfect’. Done.

But! It was knowing when to stop and also not getting too OCD about it. Is that enough spots? Do the lines have to all point in the same direction? Was that the right colour combination? And so on.

I’d definitely do it again as it was quite fun and I’d recommend for everyone to give it a go!

Random Abstract Nail Art

Textured Blobicure…

So because I enjoyed ‘blobicuring’ so much, I decided to try it again except this time with textured polishes – just to see if they would act differently, which they didn’t… But never mind, I think they turned out well though, even if they are more sparkly in reality.

(The textured polishes I used were Barry M ‘Countess’ and ‘Majesty’.)

Textured Blobicure

Second Attempt…

So I think this came out a lot better than my first attempt. It’s such a fun technique, seeing the polish freak out after you spray it and just seeing what kind of patterns appear. I love it! I’ve also been informed that it’s called ‘Water Spotting’ which sounds way better.

Studded Black and Silver Spray Marble

OMD2 – Day 15 Abstract…

So I was super struggling with Abstract. Anything I thought of then became too structured, therefore I went for some crazy foiling action. (Does it count!?) And as I’m going out this weekend black and foils seemed totally appropriate for party ware.

The first time I tried this ‘messy’ look, was when trying recreate the mashed up colourful look that ciate had a kit out for, but I didn’t have anything colourful so it ended up looking like this. But! I realised today whilst making my friends birthday card that I could totally use my craft foils, blew my mind. Now my nails look like this!

OMD2 Abstract
And seeing as I was going out, I couldn’t get away with only painting one hand – which I usually do and everyone thinks I’m really weird for, I just can’t control anything with my right hand.  So I photographed both, but as I’ve never actually compared my hands, I mean I’ve looked at them yes but never actually compared them in front of me on a screen – they look seriously weird. It was freaking me out a bit. Looks at my squinty fingers and strange shaped nails, and my left hand just could not pose properly! (Apart from in the pose shown.) Anyone else had this problem?..

Left and Right hand foiled