So I’ve already painted some sNail Art here, but never like this. I thought it would be super cute to use the teeny tiny shells I picked up from South Queensferry beach and use them as the snail’s shell for a 3D, impractical nail art design – and I think it worked! I don’t know what it is about snails but I seriously like them, any one else?





Life’s a Beach…

So we recently took a trip to South Queensferry. It’s a quaint little place with tea rooms, restaurants, ice-cream parlors and gift shops. The larger restaurants that face the Firth of Fourth usually have huge windows meaning you’ll get some amazing views (I can personally recommend ‘The BoatHouse’ for a good view and good grub) but if you know you’re going it would be a good idea to book in advance, as window tables are often reserved. South Queensferry also has sandy shores meaning it makes a pleasant walk when the tide is out and the weather is nice. I, of course, had a bit of a shell hunt and picked up some little enough for some nail art as well as some seaglass which I’m using on another (soon to be revealed) secret project.

South Queensferry Beach
I thought the Revlon polish ‘Beachy’ that I recently received would be an apt base for my shells and sand. As impracticable as this mani would be, I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Sandy Shell Beach Nail Art
Sandy Beach Nail Art
As sad as it sounds, I thought just the sand and ‘Beachy’ base made for an interesting look. If you look closely enough you can really see what the sand is made from – little bit of rocks, shells and goodness knows what else. Usually sandy beaches are that fine, smooth, yellow/white sand – how boring compared to this!

Blue Rose Boke…

So this is another one from the fail folder. I’m getting worried that maybe I just can’t paint anything decent anymore, I suppose I’ve not had much practice lately so can I put it down to that?

I loved how the sponged base turned out, it had so much potential to be maybe become an ocean or a galaxy themed design – however I just seemed to freak out and add all that tack. What was a thinking…

Blue Rose

Lucky Bag #1…

So having previously purchased a BornPrettyStore ‘lucky bag‘ before and was happy with the items, I decided to order some more. They’re so cheap ($0.99) that there’s not much to lose, I mean out of three items you’re bound to get something usable right? This is one of the two lucky bags I received and I really couldn’t believe my luck – a set of leopard head water decals, leopard print water decals and some cute bows. The bows aren’t very practical for me but the others are!

BPS Lucky Bag (Leopard)
Seeing as the whole bag seemed to compliment each other so well I decided it would be fun to include all the items in one design. I’d like to do the same with  my other lucky bag, but I don’t know if it’ll turn out quite so well…. Stay tuned.

Leopard Nail Art LuckyBag

Heavy Snow Fail…

So in my head this design was so beautiful – unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way on my nails… I wanted to have a sponged, snowy back ground with a touch of glitter and then different sized pearls to look like falling snow in the foreground. What I got just some weird, pearl mess. Maybe if you could scrunch your eyes up and look at it, the would look more like a snow blizzard? Thanks.SnowFail

Eye See You…

So this time I was inspired by the models wonderful eyes and lashes, so beautiful! I just wish I had some false lashes laying around as they would have looked way better on the design than cut up strips of painted paper…

This design is also quite fitting for Halloween, if you stare at them for long enough they do start to get a bit creepy especially because they’re not symmetrical. Obviously the lashes are not for practical every day wear, but after taking them off, it’s a totally wearable design.


OMD3 – Day 27 Wings…

So I immediately knew what I was going to do for the prompt ‘wings’. I have a little pond in my back garden and last month it attracted a beautiful red dragonfly. I was blown away by the intricacy of it’s wings and it stayed long enough (on my washing that was outside) for me to get a photo.

OMD3 - Day27 Wings
I created the wings by drawing an outline on some paper, placing some thin acetate on top of it and then painted my nail polish on top. I made sure to apply my top coat, Seche Vite, quite thickly. Once dried, I carefully peeled the wings off. As you can see they did leave some black behind where I hadn’t covered it enough top coat, however I trimmed the outlines anyway to make them appear more delicate.

It totally works right! I can’t stop looking at them and, as wholly impractical as they are, I don’t want to take them off!

Dragonfly NailArt

OMD3 – Day 20 Jewels…

So I loved this design! It’s so not me, but I enjoyed it so much.

I used a BornPrettyStore NFC White LED chip, meaning the bling blinged when my hand was holding my phone, neat huh! I’ve used a blue LED before here. If you order from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off full priced items at the check-out.

OMD3 Day20 Jewels
Bare LED Chip
WhiteLED OnOff

Shiny Happy Zebras…

So I just love how this turned out, it’s so happy and shiny! I want to say I went ‘too far’ with all the glitz and glitter but I’m not sure if that’s even really possible… I used a flakie and a glitter  polish for the base, stamped on top using the multicolored blobbing technique,and then added a ridiculous amount of gems (even though if I’d planned it better I could have had more on there!).

It’s a shame because (how many times do I complain about this) the photos don’t do the glitter any justice, it’s so much brighter and glittery in person and it’s a serious distraction whilst driving. I used BornPrettyStore plate BP-16 which is an amazing plate that I’ve returned to time and time and time again for images. If you fancy purchasing it too, you can use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore check out for 10% off all full priced items.