Pokemon Theme: Articuno…

So the legendary birds from the original series form a trio, and it actually explains this in their names; articuno (1), Zapdos (2), Moltres (3). How cool is that?

I wasn’t too impressed with how Articuno turned out, I wish I could have conveyed more of it’s natural grace and beauty. Instead I’ve got a sort of pudgy pigeon who can’t wait to fly off the nail…
144 Articuno

Pokemon Theme: Snorlax…

So this is my partners favourite pokemon. I think it’s because he sees a little of himself in Snorlax; they’re both over-weight (he’s not quite as large as snorlax obviously…) and also pretty, darn lazy. Fortunately he doesn’t read my blog so there’s no risk of offence being taken! It’s said in playful jest anyway…


Pokemon Theme: Aerodactly…

So Aerodactly lends itself perfectly to being a fossil skeleton. This was a little bit of a rush job, meaning there wasn’t as much love and detail went it to it that should have. Even the photography is shoddy. Poor guy, he deserved better.

142 Aerodactly

Pokemon Theme: Omanyte and Omastar

So I think Omanyte is so adorable, it’s just a shame that it evolves into a hellish looking creature that will haunt your dreams. Omastar does not seem like the kind of thing you’d want to meet either a) in the sea or b) at night, actually can we just go with option c) at all.

Being created from a fossil, I thought it would be cool to include some in the background so I used some shell water decals. I think it works!


Pokemon Theme: Porygon

So I think porygon is pretty darn cute! Anyone else with me on this?

However, poor little Porygon has only ever featured in one episode of the Anime. Outrageous right, but why? Because he was the featured pokemon in an episode that cause lots of kids in Japan to have seizures, oh…

But! What’s super unfair is that it was actually Pikachu using Thunderbolt to blow something up that triggered them, nothing to do with poor little porygon.

I tried to give him a sort of matrix/cyberspace background seeing as he isn’t ‘real’, he is in fact a man-made pokemon consisting of computer code, but unfortunately it was sort of lost in the photograph.

137 Porygon.JPG

Pokemon Theme: Eeveelutions…

So I took a while to get round to painting these guys because I was kind of dreading it. I didn’t quite know how to link them all and I firstly thought about their evolution stones as backgrounds but then Eevee would be the odd one out.

Inspiration struck today though and I went for a blobicure background – everyone’s the same but different! I ended up actually quite enjoying painting them, but it seriously took me like 2 hours for the four of them. Worth it though!