OMD3 – Day 23 Under the Sea…

So another entry for the OMD3 challenge. I honestly thought my leaves would be the last one, however I hadn’t checked the closing date – duh – so I actually have a few more days to cram some more nail art in. Yaay!

For this design, I used some sea creature water decals* from BornPrettyStore. The sheet has loads of decals on them, and I’ve actually used some before for my jellyfish design. If you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you’ll get 10% off full priced items in your order.

OMD3 - Day 23 Under the Sea

OMD3 – Day 10 Floral…

So I was inspired by a design I saw on the instagram account of Ruru_Taiwan. I thought their flowers were the cutest thing and I’ve never seen anything like it before so I wanted to recreate it.

I’m really happy with how they turned out as it was slow, delicate work. I used my tub of multi-coloured mixed studs* from BornPrettyStore, and picked out all the pink and orange ‘rhombuses’ I could find as I really had no idea how many it would take! I applied my pearl center, then the caviar beads, then the first layer of studs. After they were dry and definitely stuck, I applied the second layer of studs and then majorly top coated the whole lot – like dripped it on basically!

If you’d like to try out this design for yourself, you can pick up all the supplies you’ll need at BornPrettyStore. If you enter the code ‘AZYW10’ at checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount off all full priced items!

OMD3 Day 10 Floral

OMD3 – Day 14 Fish…

So for this prompt I went for JellyFISH. Still counts right, even though they’re technically not fish? I’ve previously hand painted some Jellyfish, but for this design I chose to use some BornPrettyStore Jellyfish Water Decals* and they did not disappoint!

OMD3 Day14 Fish
I chose to use them in a ‘pond mani’ meaning I applied a decal, layered glitter polish on top, top coated it all and then repeated a few times to give the effect of depth. The pictures do make it look a little flat but trust me, in reality it looks super cool.

Jellyfish Closeup2
The decals gave me a little bit of a shock at first when they arrived – it looked like they’d forgotten to put the decals on the sheet or something, but then I remember they were white! White on white could be an issue but fortunately you can see them if you turn the sheet towards the light as the decals shine differently, meaning you can chose what shapes you want to use.  Once the decals have been in the water they actually get easier to see meaning you will always pick up the design you want anyway.

Fortunately BornPrettyStore decals are super easy to use (so I’d ignore the strangely translated instructions on the back); you just cut round the desired decal, submerge it in water for around 10 seconds, slide it off the backing paper, apply it to your nail and then gently dab away any excess water. Always top coat it to seal it onto your nail of-course.

BPS WaterDecal Instructions
If you look closely you’ll see that for the first layer of jellyfish have short tentacles which is how the decals actually are. For the second and third layers I painted some tentacles on to them to add extra interest – it works really well don’t you think!

JellyFish Close up1
I’m so impressed with the sheet of water decals – it includes coral, starfish, seahorses, ‘beach’ words, shells and jellyfish meaning it’s a very versatile sheet to have! Expect to see me using them again. If you fancy adding these decals to your nail stash or anything else from BornPrettyStore you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all full priced items.

Shiny Happy Zebras…

So I just love how this turned out, it’s so happy and shiny! I want to say I went ‘too far’ with all the glitz and glitter but I’m not sure if that’s even really possible… I used a flakie and a glitter  polish for the base, stamped on top using the multicolored blobbing technique,and then added a ridiculous amount of gems (even though if I’d planned it better I could have had more on there!).

It’s a shame because (how many times do I complain about this) the photos don’t do the glitter any justice, it’s so much brighter and glittery in person and it’s a serious distraction whilst driving. I used BornPrettyStore plate BP-16 which is an amazing plate that I’ve returned to time and time and time again for images. If you fancy purchasing it too, you can use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore check out for 10% off all full priced items.


BornPrettyStore: Graffiti Water Decals…

So more water decals from BornPrettyStore this time these ‘Graffiti‘* style ones – however I thought they looked more like tweed!

Glitter Lined Water Decals
After the issues I had with the sheet decal that I used for my Jellyfish, I’m pleased to say these worked like a treat. Just like the Butterfly decals, application was smooth. They came off the backing paper really easily and in one piece,  they had some stickiness to them meaning they stuck to my nail but not too sticky meaning I could re-position them if I wasn’t happy with their placement.

Graffiti Decals 1
When I applied them at first they looked good but the whole design just looked a little unfinished. What I decided to do was take inspiration from the BornPrettyStore example photos and outline them in glitter. I was a little unsure as to what glitter would look best so I experimented on my thumb as I never usually include that in my final photos. I personally thought that the blue looked better even though I think they all worked.

Bare Water Decals
Glitter Experimentation
What colour of glitter would you have went for? If you fancy trying out these decals for yourself, which I highly recommend you do as they’re so cheap but look and work so well, you can get 10% off your whole order using my code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore checkout.

Graffiti Decals 2

*these were sent to me for free in return for a fair review.

Autumnal Butterflies…

So these are some more BornPrettyStore water decals, I love using them because they’re so easy to use and give such a fantastic result. I’ve used the blue butterflies like twice – here and here, so decided to buy another colour. I think they’re quite autumnal colours which maybe aren’t so suitable for this time of year but… I put them on top of some subtle, almost non-existent, leafy stamping and then added some gold flakes for some bling bling!

If you haven’t yet checked out BornPrettyStore I really urge you to do so, at first I was like ‘Oh no, a cheap Chinese supplier which will no doubt supply bad items and postage charges’ but I could not have been more wrong. Yes their items are cheap, but the quality is amazing – so much so I have stopped buying my nail art supplies from eBay. Shipping is free regardless of how much you order! As I’m in Scotland postage can be slow but my orders have always arrived within three weeks. They sell a huge range of items, jewellery, nail art, beauty, home items, etc – I’m a stationary fiend and always manage to pick up more than a few cute items. Just go check them out already!

AND incase you think I’m getting paid by them or I’ve sold my soul to them to say these things, I honestly haven’t. Every now and then they’ll send me free items to review which I mark with a ‘ * ‘, everything else I’ve bought myself. Incase you think this compromises my integrity – I’m not scared to say when something hasn’t worked for me, for example the whole sheet water decal I used for my Jellyfish nails so there!

Orange Butterfly Decals Nail Art
Orange Butterfly Decas BPS
Butterfly Decals with Strawberry Plant

BornPrettyStore: Gecko Charms…

So this is a first for me as I’ve never actually worn any nail charms before! When I was allowed to pick more items to review I  just had to try out these little Geckos*. Dare I say that some nail charms can look a little tacky? But not these guys! For $3.05/£1.97 you get FIVE charms, yes FIVE. Amazing right?

Gecko comparison
I really couldn’t settle on a design. The first one I painted was with the lizard skin foil but something just look weird about it, so I took the foil off and repainted them black. But that just looked boring so I added some more rhinestones. What design do you prefer?

Gecko on Finger
The little geckos themselves were so cute! They can be attached to your nails by their 4 little feet, which I applied my glue to. They are also slightly curved meaning they sit well on your nail, giving your digits a little gecko hug!

Gecko Feet
As I previously mentioned you get 5 in the bag, they are perfectly identical with no faults or flaws which can often occur in such products. Once I was finished with my design, I carefully removed my gecko charm meaning I can now reuse it for another time. I have other ideas on how to use them so please stay tuned for future projects featuring them.

If you fancy getting a hold of these little geckos you will get 10% off them using my code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore check out. Now for some more photos as he just loved to pose!

Bag of Geckos
Gecko and Rhinestones
Gecko on Flower
Gecko Charm Bling Bling

*These were given to me for free in return for a fair review.


So for this design I used some BornPrettyStore water decals. I’ve been really impressed with the others I’ve used, however this sheet was a let down. Once I’d soaked them long enough for the decal to slide off the backing paper, it wasn’t as adhesive as other decals and also had a strange plastic feel. As you can see from the photos they applied more like non-sticky nail wraps with crinkles and everything. To convince them to stay put, I top coated them with ‘Seche Vite’ – now everyone knows what a wonder product that is but it actually made these decals go ‘weird’. If you look at the non-coated decals and then the jellyfish photos you’ll see how the whole look of them has changed – they no longer have the wispy, watermarble look but instead have a sort of pixelated appearance. The wrinkles disappeared though! Over-all it works for the jellyfish theme but I was a little sad the decal didn’t really work.

Jellyfish Nail Art
Jellyfish Nail Art
You have to cut the decal to fit your nail size, also what's with the 'background vector' taking up a whole heap of space?
You have to cut the decal to fit your nail size, but what’s with  ‘background vector’ taking up a whole heap of space?
Here's the water decal placed on my pinky. I cleaned up the excess with an acetone soaked cotton bud.
Here’s the water decal placed on my pinky. I cleaned up the excess with an acetone soaked cotton bud.
Wrinkly looking water decals, but they do have a pretty pattern!
Wrinkly looking water decals, but they do have a pretty pattern!

Zebras on Acid…

So this is a colourful assault on the eyes right! Perfect for a festival or this beautiful spring weather -HA just kidding. It’s still cold and chucking it down….

P.S the zebra print is actually stamped from plate BP-16 from BornPrettyStore.

Zebra on Acid Nail Art

BornPrettyStore: Multicoloured Mixed Studs…

So next up for review are these mixed, multicoulour studs. Yeah I know, I previously said that studs were quite a boring thing to review but when I saw the amazing colours I knew immediately I wanted to sprinkle them all over my nails!

Born Pretty Studs

The little tub is fantastic – it contains 3 shapes and 11 colours which you just can’t get in a regular nail wheel. Yes you have to fish for them but I found tipping some out made the process of picking them up so much easier.

Colourful Studs

In the tub you get;
Circles – dark blue, light blue, light purple and dark purple.
Squares – dark pink, light pink, green, yellow/green.
Rounded rhombus – peach, orange, light green, yellow.

The backs are slightly concave, and they’re small enough to sit flat on even my most curved nails. With a top coat added they don’t stick out or catch on anything, thank goodness!

Underbelly of studs
Side View of studs
I think they’re going to be really useful for bright summer designs, and they even pop on just plain black. The one tub gives such a fantastic range of studs for such great value that I’d recommend them to anyone who has the patience to do the fishing out.

If you fancy trying them out, remember to use my code ‘AZYW10’ which will get you 10% off any full priced items at the BornPrettyStore checkout!