BornPrettyStore: Holographic Glitter Dust

So today I’m reviewing a tub of ‘Holographic Glitter Dust‘ sent to me by BornPrettyStore. The tub comes in a little pouch and with an applicator, but for it to work correctly you’ll also need a non-wipe UV top coat and lamp.


The glitter is so fine to the point where I wasn’t sure if I should be wearing a dust mask – I could actually see the particles floating about in the air. My camera had a really hard time picking up how shiny the glitter is but whilst it’s still in the tub it doesn’t display the typical holo rainbow shine pattern.



I used my normal base coat, and applied two coats of black polish. I then used my non-wipe UV top coat (which is also from BornPrettyStore), and cured it. My little UV lamp turns off automatically after the full cure time, which is super handy as it means your not sat there testing to see how the gel is getting on. Before I went anywhere near my fingers with the dust, I applied some liquid latex around my nail to help with the clean up. Now it was time to apply the holographic glitter dust!


I used the included applicator to apply the dust quite thickly and then used the opposite side to gently buff off the excess. At first it looked like it was working and the dust was adhering, but the more I buffed to achieve a smooth look the more the dust began to come off – eeekk! After having a think as to why this was happening, I wondered if it had anything to do with the gels cure time. If it’s important to use a non-wipe top coat then maybe the gel needs to be slightly tacky still to help the dust stick. So I tried again except this time only cured the top coat for 12 seconds and it worked a dream! The glitter had great coverage and buffed off so much better this time to a nice smooth, shiny finish. I used my UV top coat again to seal the dust in (giving it the full cure time).



Isn’t it so pretty, you can now definitely  see the holographic rainbow shine pattern! Those black spaces have nothing to do with the dust, it’s actually in relation to where you apply the top-coat so it can stick. I clearly need a little more practice at applying the UV top coat as I’ve missed the edges and the sides quite badly – whoops!


I decided to test the holographic glitter dust a little further by adding some nail art and then top-coating it with Seche Vite. This was on top of the gel-cured top coat of course but I was curious to see if it would have any detrimental effect. It didn’t!


You can still see the holo rainbow, and trust me in reality the colours are even more amazing! It’s hard to capture the full spectrum in a photo. I’ve never used powders before so I don’t have anything to compare this one to but I do know for sure that it certainly worked. I can’t wait to experiment with it a little further. If you would like to try it out or anything else at BornPrettyStore if you use the code ‘AZYW10’ you’ll get 10% off all full priced items at the checkout.



BornPrettyStore: Holographic Nail Foil…

So today I’m reviewing a sheet of ‘Holographic Nail Foil‘ in pattern 1003 from BornPrettyStore. It comes in a little packet and contains 30cm of the stuff, I was a bit concerned about it being folded – most nail foil is rolled – but actually it had no affect on the products performance. It has some lovely colours but the ones displayed depends on the angle the light hits it at, how fun!

Holographic Foil Packaging
Holographic Foil Sheet.JPG
Holographic Foil Detail

I first of all decided to test the foil out on a lighter colour, so I chose a base of ‘Amazing Gracie’ by Ciate. I used ‘Rio’ nail foil glue, which unfortuately applies a little streaky, so the marks you see has nothing to do with the foil itself which applied very well. I didn’t have to rub too hard to coax it off the backing, it pretty much came off itself and without any patchiness. I think the fact the foil has a broken up pattern made any potential transfer faults hard to see anyway. It looked brilliant, so I top coated it with Seche Vite and applied another layer of foil and top coat. That’s where it all went wrong for the foil – the Seche Vite melted it! ARGH!


It still turned out really pretty, it’s just a shame that the top coat I have melts this particular foil. It hasn’t melted previous foils from BornPrettyStore, so I thought I was safe. I found out from SweetberryNails over on Instagram that ‘Picture Polish Revolution’, ‘Rimmel Finishing Touch’ and ‘Sally Hansen Miracle Top Coats’ may be foil safe but I think it’s still a case of trial and error guys, sorry!

Two Coats Holographic Foil (2)

Next, I applied the holographic foil on to a darker colour. This time a Revlon, which is that well loved (old) it’s name has rubbed off, whoops. How cool does it look! (Again please excuse the streaks, this has nothing to do with the foil just the application of the foil glue.)


I’m not sure if I would personally describe it as holographic as it’s probably more in the iridescent category to me, but if I’m being honest I’m not sure what the difference between the two is – can someone please enlighten me?

One Coat Holo Foil.JPG

So again, I repeated the test like all good scientists should. I applied my top coat, and foiled a second time and it looked good…

Two Coats Holo Foil

…until the second coat of Seche Vite and it all started to melt again. When I say melt, it’s not melting off my hands or anything, I just mean that the shapes and colours are all losing their form and melting in to each other. Still pretty though right?

TopCoat Melt

I think you can see some of the original shapes on my thumb more clearly, however the difference between top-coated and un-sealed is very noticeable.


Which do you prefer – light base or dark base? Stay tuned, as on Friday I’ll be revealing the nail art I painted on top of the dark test.

Lets do a product recap!
The foil applies really nicely – it doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply and applies without patchiness.
Top coating this foil is a must, however I think it could be a game of trial and error to find one that won’t melt it – it looks cool either way though!

If you fancy adding this foil to your collection of nail art supplies, you can use my code AZYW10 to recieve 10% off all full priced items in your basket at BornPrettyStore.


BornPrettyStore: Flower Nail Vinyl…

So for today’s design I used some ‘Flower Nail Vinyls‘ sent to me from BornPrettyStore. The products description states that they can be used as stickers and vinyls, and I can see why as they’re so pretty!

Flower Nail Vinyls

I decided to test them firstly as vinyls, so I used my tweezers to carefully peel one off the backing paper. The stencil is made from quite a strong vinyl material, but not overly thick, and has quite a sticky glue.


I felt it would be dangerously sticky to use as a vinyl (perfect for sticker use though) as I had visions of my base peeling off too… So I stuck it to my hand first and then removed it again, meaning that it was now safely sticky. I applied it to my nail and found that the vinyl bumped up a bit – this was due to the design being a circle and my nails being very curved too. If left like this it would result in the polish leaking underneath but fortunately the issue was easily resolved. All I had to do was to snip it twice at the sides, which you can see in the photo, and that let the vinyl sit flat. Now I was ready to polish! I started off by painting the little holes first, then painting from top to bottom as normal, I did this to ensure the polish was definitely going to fill everywhere I wanted it to. Next came the exciting bit – the peel! I was actually rather nervous, I felt like I was watching a fledgling bird taking off for it’s first flight, the more I peeled the more nervous I got expecting to see some horrific leakage, or the bird falling out the nest, but any leakage was very minimal – bird had successful take off, vinyl had successful peel off. Phew!


It soon occurred to me that I would probably only need to use the one vinyl. I used it again, on my pinky nail, at the same spot to test if it would still work correctly – what do you think of the results?

NailVinyl2nduse (1)

I thought it worked just as well the second time as the first. For my other two nails I turned the vinyl round and used the ‘clean’ side, in slightly different positions. I was very happy with how they turned out; the lines are pretty sharp, there’s no serious leakage and they’re amazing value as I only used 1 stencil for the four nails!


The next test was the sticker test – I used the tiny bits that were left over and they turned out to be just as cool! I previously said, the material isn’t too thick and they’re pretty sticky so it’s a win win for sticker usage. I had not a hope using my fingers for these bits as they’re teeny tiny so I used my tweezers to place them. I then top coated them with SecheVite to make sure they wouldn’t go anywhere and ta-da. I love the colour spectrum they display at different angles, they’re like jewels!

FlowerVinylStickers (1)

As beautiful as just the vinyl design is, I thought I’d spruce it up a little with the addition of some rhinestones. I think the colour combo makes it look quite regal, what colour combination would you have picked?

FlowerVinylGemmed (1).JPG

If you don’t own a set, but would like to try them you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to receive 10% off all full priced items in your order from BornPrettyStore. Hope you enjoyed the review!

FlowerVinylGemmed (2).JPG

BornPrettyStore: Mini Beads…

So the item that I’m reviewing this week are these cute ‘Candy Colour Mini Beads‘ in option #11 – they were sent to me from BornPrettyStore. If you’re not familiar with BPS, they sell a huge range of nail art supplies as well as household items, fashion accessories and stationary at fantastic prices with free delivery. Out of all the times I’ve placed an order with them, I’ve never had any issues other than having to wait a while for it but this is due to processing and shipping, my parcels have always arrived within the estimated time frame anyway so there’s nothing to complain about.

The little mini beads, and they are mini, come in a re-seal-able bag. They’re definitely a step up in size from microbeads and are described as being 1.5mm in diameter. I picked option #11 due to the variety of colours, as you can see there’s light blue, dark blue, white, light pink, dark pink, purple, green, red, yellow and orange – which is 10 colours in one bag, that’s not bad going!

When they arrived and I saw the colours and just the way they looked in the bag, a design immediately sprang to mind – sprinkles of course! (Anyone else get that upon seeing them?) So I painted my nails like melting ice-creams and then used the cocktail stick and picker gel combo to pick up and place the beads. I really recommend using picker gel, or one of those picker pencils as using tweezers might send the balls pinging all roads!

I did one nail at a time, painting a thick layer of top coat and placing the beads whilst it was still wet to ensure they stuck well. I think they turned out really cute! Ice-cream nails are totally in as well because it’s summer isn’t it?…. I’m looking for confirmation as it’s been pretty rainy where I am lately.

I dared to top-coat them with Seche Vite as it is notorious for smudging/melting the colouring off of things. It was pretty tricky trying to get in between all those gaps and I think I would have been better going for the splodging option rather than the brushing option. The beads actually fared relatively well; there was slight bleeding from the red, and a slight pooling of melted colour from one of the orange beads but the others seemed to survive pretty well! *cringe* Isn’t it horrendous to see your own work up that close…

If you’ve checked out the BornPrettyStore website and fancy ordering the Mini Beads or anything else, if you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you will get 10% off all full priced items in your order. Let me know if you’ve ordered from BPS before and what it was!


BornPrettyStore: Chameleon Nail Polish…

So I’ve not reviewed anything from BPS in a while as I’ve been on holiday, but now that I’m back I couldn’t wait to try out the ‘Chameleon Nail Varnish‘*  that I was sent.


The colour is option 224, and comes in a 10ml bottle which is a little larger than BPS usual bottles (they’re normally only 6ml) and also has a large flat cap. At first I thought this could be a little bit clumsy, and whilst it’s not the most comfortable thing to hold, the shape of the top certainly didn’t hinder the application. The formula of the polish is beautiful – it’s nice and smooth and has just the right viscosity. I would say it’s on the runnier side of things, but I think this helps it’s application in two ways; firstly it makes it way easier to paint multiple thin coats that dry quickly and secondly it applies more smoothly compared to the patchy/clumpy results that can happen with thicker polishes.



BPS recommend that the chameleon nail polish  is applied on to a black base colour but seeing as I’m a curious rebel I decided to apply the polish over a clear base coat only. *gasp* The results were actually still very beautiful!


So the above photo shows three coats, I reckon you could get away with wearing only two but I felt more comfortable with three. Below I’ve taken a picture after each coat to show how well it layers up.

It has amazing depth and a wonderful gloss, that’s it without a top coat and I doubt you’d notice. (It kind of reminds me of a darker version of OPI’s ‘My gecko does tricks’?) As it is a Chameleon Polish it displays different tones and colours depending on the angle and the light. Below are some pictures displaying the polishes (obvious) green tones, blue tones and gold tones.




I know the website recommended a dark base, but I’m not sure this really needs it. It would maybe result in a subtly different look but I don’t think there’s any point in wasting the time. If you’d like to try out this polish, or anything else at BornPrettyStore you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off all of your full priced items. And remember free delivery!


Running Hot and Cold…

So I think I’ve found my new favourite polish – thermal colour changing polish! It’s magical, I don’t think I’ve ever played about so much in the sink whilst washing my hands before. The polish is from BornPrettyStore, in shade 110, and if I’m being honest I really wasn’t expecting much. When I saw it in the bottle, the colour looked a bit icky, the formula seemed a bit weird and I didn’t have high hopes for how easy it would be to change it’s colour. I WAS SO WRONG!

The formula was actually pretty good, it applied smoothly and only took two coats (I applied a little thinly on my index finger, you can maybe slightly see that?). It’s also not that icky once it’s on, I’d say a it’s a lavender shade and has a lovely fine glitter going through it. Without top coat, it dries smooth and almost sort of matte looking. (I know this is maybe starting to sound like a review of a product I’ve been sent  but I paid for this polish myself, I am just so amazed by it I wanted to give it full credit!)

Before I went any further by adding any stamping,  I decided to test it. BOOM! Mind blown. It just has to touch the hot water and it immediately changes, the lavender turns to a beautiful blue. I was not expecting it to work so well, I thought I’d maybe have to be scalding myself with boiling water before I even got a hint of the other shade.

I went with fish for the stamped image, as I liked the playfulness of the blue being the ‘hidden’ colour. At first I thought it was only going to change when I washed my hands in the hot water, but over the past day I’ve found that it does change on it’s own accord due to my body temperature! And that makes it way more awesome. For example, I noticed when I was cross-stitching some of my fingers were turning to blue, whilst at work (on poolside) I was flashing blue, when I’m typing (like right now) all my fingers are blue, and this morning in bed (as I painted these last night) I was bright blue too!

I loved this polish so much I’ve ordered another colour, and I even took a video of it!(Shame it’s such grainy quality, cringe.) Right now the polish is half price (16.06.2016) and it’s free shipping so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t give it a go! Watch the video and let me know if you’re going to try it.


BornPrettyStore: Real Shell Decoration…

So today’s post includes a review of some ‘Real Shell Decoration‘* from BornPrettyStore.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a sticker of a shell or the actual real deal from the sites product description. I can tell you what turned up was definitely the real thing. It’s been shaved super thin and then applied to an adhesive backing. Look at those beautiful colours!

I definitely recommend used a (sharp) craft knife to cut the shell. Scissors just seemed to splinter it and crush it in to tiny pieces, they were also too clumsy for maneuvering correctly. Cutting the shell with a craft knife help to keep it mostly intact as it was a smoother motion, if there was any slight breakage the adhesive backing helped hold the shell together anyway.

The self-adhesiveness is great, as I’m not sure what I’d attach the pieces with. Once applied they do have a slightly rough looking edge, so I decided to hide this with some striping tape. I was worried the shell would stick up and catch horribly on everything but actually it’s pretty flush to my nail, I think the two coats of Seche Vite helped smooth it off.

I did notice BPS suggests the shell to be used in acrylic nails, and I can understand why. I think it would maybe have more potential as it could be layered in to the acrylic and would be completely flat and be used with more 3D elements. But I tried my best, I think it’s got quite a classy feel.

I absolutely love how the shell has loads of different patterns, it’s so beautiful and irridescent! It makes each nail way more interesting, so which is your favourite? I think mines is the index finger.

I enjoyed using the shell that much, I wanted to use it again in a different style. This time I went for triangles on a light base and it gives off quite a sci-fi feel don’t you think. Like a shifting cloud storm on an alien plant or something.

Again just look at those colours – greens, blues, silvers, purples, browns – beautiful! Which look did you prefer?

The shell comes in nine different colour options (amazing right?!), the one I have been using is option #4. If you fancy ordering this product or anything else from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% all full priced items upon checking out, and remember free delivery!


BornPrettyStore: Pink Flower Stickers…

So today I’m bringing you a review of some ‘Pink Flower Stickers‘ from BornPrettyStore. Aren’t they pretty!

BPS FlowerStickers 21156
The stickers have lots of delicate, pastel colours and are semi-transparent so I was pretty stumped on what to do with them – did I go bright and busy, quiet and minimalist or even blinged up. I settled with a subtle base, in hope that it would show off the stickers better.

Pink Flower Stickers 21156
FlowerStickers 21156
Transparent Flower 21156
They weren’t too sticky so tweezers weren’t 100% necessary  (I’d still recommend using tweezers anyway) and they weren’t thick or brittle meaning they hugged the nail well. Unfortunately, once applied, the edge of the sticker was pretty obvious, at a distance not so much but it still kinda bugged me. I’m not sure who’s to blame as maybe it was just the base colour I’d chosen or possibly the stickers themselves. So more testing required!

Oneflowerapplied 21156
With the stickers being semi-transparent, a really cool thing to do with them is to layered them up. I think it really gives a look of some depth and dimension and I bet they’d look smart in a ‘pond mani’. It’s nice that the sheet includes flowers of all sizes and shades – I tried to stick with the pink and purples for this design.

LayeredStickers 21156
LayeredFlowerStickers 21156
It may not be one of my most inspired designs but it’s delicate and I think it helps to convey how pretty the flowers are. To bling them up a little I added a pearl to the centre of the flowers (I think we’ve all done that move no?), and a slight tickling of glitter top coat.

If you fancy trying out these stickers, or anything else from the gazillion of nail art items that BornPrettyStore supplies, you can receive 10% off all full priced items by using the code ‘AZYW10’.


BornPrettyStore: BP-80 Stamping Plate…

So I already own several BornPrettyStore stamping plates, as well some stampers/scrapers by them too, but today I have BP-80 Stamping Plate* to review! The plate includes some very pretty images and arrived in a little card pocket which is super handy if you don’t have a stamping plate holder as it will help protect the plate when not in use. As expected it comes with the protective blue film that all stamping plates seem to arrive with – for those new to stamping, and I’m not being patronising here, remember this needs to be removed before use.

As you can see, the images are amazingly crisp and very well etched. I really couldn’t make my mind up as to what design I was going to feature, so I went a bit over-board. I used three different stamping techniques to create three different designs with four different images!

For the first, I used the reverse stamping technique with the larger bird and large lotus. I chose to use my clear stamper because you can see if you’ve missed parts or messed up the image by looking ‘through’ it. The image does look a little patchy, but I wasn’t too worried seeing as I was painting over it. I didn’t really take the time to properly break the plate in, as daft as it might sound I sometimes find stamping images pick up better after the 3rd or 4th time.

I managed to smudge some of the detail (eye and neck feathers) when I was filling the image in but I’m sure you get the idea. I also feel that my pink base was way too bright, I was aiming for subtle but instead it’s ended up as a bright pink punch in the face!

Secondly, I chose to do a multi-coloured scrape. The one where you blob on a few colours and then scrape over it a few times so the colours all mix up. I thought the cloud(?) image was perfect for this as it had a large enough engraved area for the colours to show. I think this kind of look would be great as a base, however maybe if I’d placed the image properly and covered my nail you could use it as a ‘full’ design. The polishes I used were not stamping polishes but this allowed for some layering, you can notice this more on my ring finger and in future I’d like to play about with that some more.

Last but not least I chose to use the doubling up technique;  you stamp the same image in two different colours almost on top of each other. This has only really become possible with the clear stampers, otherwise it could look a little messy. I chose red and black purely because those were the two stamping polishes I had and the daisy-esk image. Stamping polishes certainly make a difference and as does a well etched plate – I mean look how crisp those edges are! The third picture looks way more vibrant, but that’s due to there being a top coat applied, for some reason the stamping polishes apply a little matte.

I hope that’s provided plenty of inspiration to get you going. Let me know if you order this plate (or already have it) and what you’d do with it.

Currently (13.05.2016) BornPrettyStore have BP-80 and a bunch of other stamping plates half price.  If you add anything to your basket that happens to be full price, use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to get 10% off those items. Are you still reading? You shouldn’t be, you should be shopping!


BornPrettyStore: Birds and Bananas Nail Stickers…

So what weird and wonderful combinations BornPrettyStore come up with; a sheet of stickers with toucans, macaws, cockatoos and… bananas? Why not!

Bird Bananas Sticker Sheet

These bird and banana* stickers retail at $3.69, and you get a fair amount for that money. I was really impressed with how vivid they are, and they’re actually quite detailed. The only real transparency I noticed was the white tip of the toucans wing, all the other stickers seem to be solid.

Banana and Bird Stickers 21361
At first I was using my tweezers to pick up the stickers, but found that they weren’t too sticky meaning they wouldn’t stick to my fingers, also they weren’t too delicate to manually handle so I ended up using my fingers to pick up and place them.

Bird Close up
Banana Close up
The stickers are very pliable, just look at how much that toucan is hugging my nail. It is a super flat finish, I genuinely struggled to feel the edge or even see it! Even more exciting than that, is that the toucan didn’t melt with a top coat – hallelujah. Is it only me that’s had nightmarish experiences with nail stickers melting? Please tell me I’m not the only one. No curling, no sliding, no melting, nada. And that’s just the way I want and like it.

Birds sit flat, do not curl
No melting with top coat
Moving on to bananas. I fricken hate real bananas, the texture and taste is just disgusting I don’t know why anyone would subject themselves to that. Boke. But banana nail stickers, hell yes! These applied to the same quality as the toucan – no obvious sticker edge, no top-coat melting, super flat sticking. (It wasn’t a surprise really seeing as they were off the same sheet, but you just never know!) How about a really boring game of spot the difference – which bunch of bananas has been topcoated? It’s pretty hard to tell huh?

Banana Bananas
So lets zoom out about now and get a look at the whole mani. I think these stickers are so fun, and just right for coming in to summer. I bet there’s loads of different things you could do with them, to suggest a few; brighten them up, make them classy or get playful with them (did anyone spot the bananas with the gorillas running up them?!). I chose to use the dry brush technique in several green polishes to create a jungle feel, then lightly ‘sketched’ on some foliage.

Banana Bird Jungle
If you’d like to order these bird and banana stickers, remember you get FREE delivery and can also get 10% off all full priced items in your basket at BornPrettyStore by using my code ‘AZYW10’. Let me know if you’ve ordered these, as I’d love to see how you use them!

Banana Bird 21361