Dolly Mixture…

So I’ve not played with my Fimo for ages, mainly because I have a lovely large desk but currently no chair to sit on – we’re in a new house and I’ve yet to find THE chair, it needs to be perfect for all my needs. Therefore I do my nails and other work sitting on the sofa, naughty me, we don’t even have a ‘coffee table’, I do it all on a lap tray…
Fimo is dangerous , I have never wanted to risk accidentally staining the fabric with a dropped piece of fimo. (If you’ve ever use it, you’ll know just how bad that stuff stains everything.)

However I took the risk! My brothers girlfriend is having a ‘Sweetie’ themed birthday party, so I knew I wanted to make her a fimo dolly mixture bracelet. It was the obvious choice as the shapes are easy to make and I had all the colours without the need to blend. How ‘sweet’ did it turn out? HAHAHAHA….

Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet
Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet

Wrist Shot 1

Pre-baking Fimo
Pre-baked Fimo
Pre Baked Fimo
Dolly Mixture Fimo on Silver Plated Bracelet


A Felt First…

So I actually completed these ages ago, but they were surprise gifts for some friends who I had yet to see so couldn’t put them online until now. They were ‘trials’ of a technique that I’ve never used before, as I’ve only ever needle-felted. It involves nothing more than cutting shapes out and stitching/gluing them on to each other, not tricky but different to me. I think they turned out okay though with only a few blips. I realised by cutting the felt you end up with this sort of felt dust that was really noticing on contrasting colours, so I had to use pieces of cello-tape to clean up. I also found out the thickness of felt I’m using (quite thin) means I can’t really achieve ‘sharp’ corners without them turning fluffy at the ends. As you can see on Jake’s muzzle (the yellow one) I have a weird fold where I sort of fell of his eye but had to keep stitching anyway. But hey, it’s a learning process!

All the nerds out there will know exactly who they are, but just in case you aren’t sure on the top left felt hoop we have ‘No Face’ from ‘Sprited Away’ and the right is ‘San’ from ‘Princess Mononoke’, both Studio Ghibli films. On the bottom left felt hoop we have; ‘Finn the Human’ and the right is ‘Jake the Dog’ from ‘Adventure Time’.

No Face, Princess Mononoke, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog Felt Hoops
No Face, Princess Mononoke, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog Felt Hoops

DIY Terrarium Kit…

So I received a wonderful present for Christmas – a DIY Terrarium kit! They’re neat things anyway but the fact I got to create how it looked was way cooler, even though the thought of messing it up filled me with dread for a few days. Once I’d managed to calm my fears, I got stuck right in to it and it was so much fun. (I actually almost got carried away and filled up the bowl with too many sand layers before remembering I had plants to put in too!)

The kit is from Botanica Home, a Glasgow based company and contains everything you need –  the bowl, sand, plants, and decorations. At first I was reserved about using too much sand as I was worried I would run out, but actually there ended up being plenty left over. I also had a hard time trying to decide how to use the decorations, there were so many in the pack! Two colours of moss, two shells, two pieces of wood, some stones for topping and a toadstool. So with these for my arsenal, along with the colour of the sands, I decided to go for a sea-beach-desert-forest look. I just hope I pulled it off and it doesn’t look too busy? I wanted to create a look that would be interesting from different angles, meaning I had the option of turning it round every now and then to keep it interesting looking so that was an added challenge. I decided to leave out one of the shells, add in another toadstool of my own, and kept out a lot of the moss. I think it’s great that the kit includes so much though, it meant I had lots of options and everyone’s will turn out different. (It also means I could maybe make a second little terrarium too from all the left-overs!)

Over-all I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I hope the person who gifted it to me will be pleased that I like it so much. The kit was of great quality too and I highly recommend you check them out for either a treat to yourself or as a ‘something different’ gift to give.

We’ve never felt like this before…

So at the weekend, my boyfriend and I had some spare time together (usually we have stuff to do, or have to go here there and everywhere) and I thought it would be nice to make some Christmas Decorations. As he’s never felted before, I talked him through making a robin using a polystyrene ball as a pre-form, I didn’t quite want to throw him in at the deep-end yet. Before we go any further, I want you to guess which is mine and which is his, mwahahaha.

Felted Robin
The large one on the right is his! He decided it would be a better idea to use the larger ball for his seeing as it wouldn’t be so fiddly. I think he did a fantastic job, huh? He certainly has his own style of felting which is great, his is more fluffy where as I often felt too hard/tightly so you end up seeing my needle marks. I think his robin has a fantastic expression too, so cute and fun! Here’s a picture of them nestled in our winter woodland themed Christmas Tree!

Felted Robins

Christmas Wreath…

So at the weekend, I decided to make myself a Christmas Wreath. Why not buy one? Well I enjoy crafting, and I needed one to specifically match my ‘winter woodland’ theme, also decorative wreaths can be expensive so I was hoping to save some money.

I bought my basic wreath from a local garden center (£3.99), the picks and wire from Wilkos (£1 a bag), and a whole box of mushroom picks at Dobbies (£1.99). The pine-cones were a bit boring, so I added a touch of  glitter nail polish to give them some sparkle. I also ended up with a lot of excess mushrooms, pine-cones and holly sprigs but they ended up going on my tree so nothing was wasted! What do yous think? Are yous making anything for Christmas this year?

Christmas Wreath.

Washi tape wrapped frame…

So today I have another crafty project for you. It’s been great moving into a new house as I’ve got to create some new things for it. I found these round photo-frames in Poundland for £1 funnily enough, and thought they’d be great for displaying some of my favourite nail wheels. I got them in purple, pink and blue as at the time I didn’t know how my room was going to turn out. Unfortunately after decorating it, only the pink sort of matched. I decided it would be feasible to wrap the other colours in washi tape to make them more suitable for my room!

1. All you need is some washi tape, scissors and a photoframe.
2. Wrap the tape round the frame.
3. Keep wrapping until the whole frame is covered.
4. Ta da! Completed frame with nail wheel.

Washi Tape Wrapped Frames

Fimo Fail…

So I had this mad idea that I could probably make those little slices of Fimo cane nail art thingies. Well… maybe not. The making went well, the baking went too well, and the slicing did not go well at all. The problem; I baked the cane for too long, it was too brittle to cut thinly. I’d like to try again, I found it fun. Has anyone ever made their own Fimo canes for nail art?

Here’s a sort of step-by-step of what I did.
1. I rolled out two pieces of fimo really flat and put on on top of the other.
2. I trimmed the edges, but made sure to keep one colour longer than the other so I could get a good roll.
3. Rolled them together which then create the spiral pattern.
4. Kept reducing the size of the roll by rolling them out longer and longer. I had to cut the roll in two as it was getting too long to control how even I was rolling it.
5. Trimmed off the ends, and as you can see a lovely small spiral of perfect size for using on my nails.
6. I went a step further and experimented with adding spirals together and again reducing them. Look at that funky pattern!
7. I baked the cane for 30mins, which I now suspect was way too long.
8. The baked cane cut into three. It was okay to cut into big chunks.
9. And the ‘fail’. Look how brittle it is, it just disintegrated! I just couldn’t get it to slice nice and thin like the ones you buy. Boooo. Never mind, I’ll try again!

Fimo Fail

Totoro, totoro…

So I love Studio Ghibli films – I like how they’re style and animation, I like the stories and I like that they usually have a message. My boyfriend also likes the films, so for his birthday I crafted 3 cross stitches for him. Oh-Toroto, Chuu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro from ‘My Neighbour Totoro’!

I ‘tweeted’ pictures of them on Tuesday, but felt I had to post about them to clear up where I got the patterns. I searched ‘Cross Stitch Totoro’ on Pinterest – I can’t seem to link it at the moment without it stuffing up but I’d like you to search it to compare! So for Chibi-Totoro I basically out-right copied the pattern I found there except I removed the bag (after I stitched it, you can see the scars…) For Chuu-Totoro I kinda followed the pattern except I added another arm, removed his legs and made him rounder. And for Oh-Totoro it was more free hand, I took inspiration from a pattern but then just winged it after I realized he wasn’t going to be big enough compared to the others. It was a nightmare, there was so much unpicking and changing, and he still should be taller! I hadn’t realised you could actually sketch on the Aida until after I’d stitched him, duuh. (I stitched them in order of Chibi, Oh then Chuu).

Over-all I did love it! I’d cross stitch again, I’m just not sure what! (Also do you like seeing my craft projects or should I just stick to posting about nails?)

Totoro Cross Stitch

Wedding Rose Nails…

So I attended my cousins wedding reception at the weekend. I went to the hassle of making my own fascinator and necklace (as if I could really call it ‘hassle’ – I love crafting things!) I decided doves and roses were pretty wedding related! As well as pearls and gems added in for extra bling.

The Fascinator – I bought the dove picks, the pearl picks, feathers, paper roses, the actual fascinator base, etc from HobbyCraft. But I arranged it and put it together myself! It also took a lot of glue and some felting wool for padding out the back so you couldn’t see the pick sticks poking through. And a lot of patience because everything got a bit gluey/sticky and bits of feather ended up everywhere as they were too wild and long to begin with. Aren’t the doves so cute!

The Necklace – I made every single rose (bar two – my mum made the huge one, and my brother made one as he wanted to try it out), meaning I personally hand-made 70 roses. It was honestly so time consuming. They are made from various colours/blends of fimo clay as I love working with it because it doesn’t really dry out in your hands or set until you bake it. I glue-gunned them onto a piece of felt, added another dove and some pearls/gems to link in with my fascinator and then added the chain. I am most certainly going to wear it again, I think it’s pretty.

The Nails – So yet again, to link in with my theme I decided roses and gems. I’ve not really one for painting flowers on my nails, and I’ve never painted this style of rose before. I’m not 100% sure what I make of them. Too messy, too much? The jury is still out.

Myself – I always feel a bit embarrassed posting photos of myself, which is why I’ve only done it maybe twice… But I wanted to show you the whole thing. I was wearing a black, lace dress. I don’t actually wear any face make-up ever, like foundation or anything as I find it kinda ikky, but I do like wearing eye make-up. I added gems, you guessed it, to link them in with my theme!