Shooting stars…

So unfortunately, as of yet, I haven’t sold any constellation necklaces! But I’m not sure why. I feel the price is fair, I can’t reduce it any further as a lot of time goes in to creating each piece. And I think they’re attractive, I mean I know they’re not going to be to everyone’s taste but they’re bound to appeal to someone. So the only thing that I could think to change was the product shots.

Originallly I had them on a 3D paper cut, galaxy background. To be fair it maybe looked cool full size, but actually when reduced to a thumb nail it didn’t show up the necklaces that well: it was dark on dark, stars on stars. Totally different now! Check out my Etsy shop for the full set of new pictures, I now have 5 pictures for each necklace, and let me know what you think!

Great Bear Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

Scorpious Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

The Hydra Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

I went for a light background to really make the black pop, along with some crystals and glitter to help convey a galactic feel. For admittedly not having a great eye for photography I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out maybe just because they’ve freshened up my shop. But I’m not going to pretend it was quick or easy; changing props, settings, angles, lighting and so on I ended up taking well over 200 shots, then having to edit those the whole thing took a good few hours to result in 12 usable pictures. That isn’t a moan but just a peak at the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes in to creating hand-made products for sale online. It’s something I’d never thought about before, had you?


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

2 thoughts on “Shooting stars…”

    1. Thank you! I will genuinely now appreciate handmade items more having gone through it myself.

      I mean sometimes painting and photographing nail art can take just as long haha!

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